updates+autumn photography



-i recently watched the book of life for the first time, and it’s. so. good. i love it- it’s probably one of my favorite animated movies of all time.

-guys!! i’m soooo close to 200 followers! thank you guys so much! i know a lot of people have more followers than me, but really, 200 people in the world that love my content and come here to read it- it means a ton!  i’m currently at 196 and i’m really hoping to get to 200 before halloween so i can show you guys my costume…. can we do it??

rip to my youth by the neighborhood is a great song (i feel like all i ever post about is music and photography haha)

-i know most of my blogger friends are doing nanowrimo this year, and although i’m not participating, i wish you all the best of luck!  i know you guys will do great. eats lots of chocolate. writing a novel is not an easy task, but it will be worth it! lots of love to you writers!

i’ve taken wayy too many pictures of this tree, but oml the orange color is so prettyyy.

i’m always trying to get photos from different angles, because looking at photographs of things straight on can be a bit boring. for this one, i went under the tree, positioned the camera right next to the branch, and tilted it upwards.


rain is so pretty asdjfkl.
it’s like a rainbow!
me trying to be artsy…

ooh, i like the little blurred-light-circle thing.

these poisonberries are such a bright, beautiful red!  i kinda want to eat them…but i shouldn’t….

favorites? let me know!


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