All About Me, Myself, and I

me? hi, first things first, i guess; my name is rutvi and i live in my dad’s shirts and my brother’s sweatshirts.


•i’m listening to music 24/7 (yep, even as I type this.) and I have a serious obsession with all time low, lorde, twenty øne pilots, panic! at the disco, taylor swift (what do you expect, i’m a teenage girl – _-), and troye sivan.

•i love earrings and can’t leave the house without them. my ears feel empty. XD

•i run track and play soccer. i’ve also been in gymnastics since the first grade.

•i love writing and have two books published. one’s called lucky and the other is called everland. what can I say, i’m a sucker for single-word titles.

•my family travels a lot. it’s great, but i wish I was at home more.

•i love reading and more specifically, harry potter. if i have a good enough book, no matter what time of day it is, i’ll wrap myself in a blanket and read until the book is finished.

•i love all forms of art.

•photography is my life.

•i enjoy beauty and fashion. yeah, hair and makeup and clothes. again, i’m a teenager, what do you expect? *shrugs*🤷🏻‍♀️

•my favorite emoji is this one:🥀

•i’m this weird mixture of a tomboy and a girly girl.

•i enjoy making puns and singing. i’ve wanted to make youtube videos of me singing forever. hopefully one day i will.

well, that’s it. feel free to ask any questions!



45 thoughts on “All About Me, Myself, and I

  1. I hate the doll thing. My mom does that all the time. It just makes me go…ARRRGG. I use my iPad so if I spell your name wrong then blame auto-correct. We have a lot in common… I have a personal blog and doll blog I have to fix.

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  2. Haha, who knew we where so alike? I’m a ballet dancer instead of a gymnast, but a few of my good friends do gymnastics! I love your blog!!!!! ~Bella ❤

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  4. HI Rutvi! I just finished reading “Lucky” (the book you wrote) today. You are a great writer, I loved the story. Brooke was my favorite character. I finished it in a day! I’m hoping for more books by you. ❤


    • Thank you so much, Arunima!
      I had no idea you bought it! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Hehe, Brooke was fun character to write about.
      Thanks so much- again! ❤️


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  6. Hello evil twin!

    I saw you updated your about page and I thought I’d comment, idk. At least you don’t have to be dragged to Costco AND Winco. WINCO IS HORRIBLE. My mom always forgets the milk and then I have to run across the entire store to get the milk. And one time when I was little, I thought the candy machines were free samples so I just stuffed a bunch in my pockets and got yelled at by the manager XD! Well the one good thing about Winco is that their SUSHI IS THE BEST. At least Costco has free samples of frozen taquitos.

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      • XD But one time I accidentally took an energy drink sample, and was REALLY hyper for the whole ride home. XD Oh my goodness, I am SO ready to get out of my school, and go to my new school next year! I only have 28 more days! I have the honor band concert on Thursday, but the county Young Author’s fair is on the same day… Oh dear! Let’s hope I can make it to both!


  7. Okay, YES to the whole definitely-defiantly thing. COME ON , GUYS. They’re completely different words! #spellingnerdsunite It’s the most awkward thing when a blogger makes a horrible spelling mistake and I’m like “. . . I feel like I should fix that.” *winces*

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  9. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, if you’re looking for a good book, I recommend The War That Saved My Life/ The War That I Finally Won, both by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.

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