//ringing in the new year//

i’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on new years day.

-//new years day// by taylor swift

hi, everyone! i hope you all had a wonderful christmas. i spent mine with my family at a family reunion. it was so much fun, we had 31 people! we swam, took a tour, and i figured out that i actually don’t suck at ice skating. (i only fell twice.)

i seriously can’t believe it’s almost 2018. i know i say this every year, but this year has passed by SO fast. here’s to an amazing year! good luck to all of you in 2018. 🙂

so, i put together a little christmas haul to show you guys what i got, since i love reading other people’s hauls. disclaimer: i’m not trying to brag. i am extremely thankful and i feel really lucky to have gotten everything i got. if you don’t like hauls, please don’t read this post. my blog isn’t a place to fight. 🙂


the lovely samantha also sent me a gift, thank you so much, sam! i love everything. i totally forgot to take pictures, though…..well, i’ll just tell you.  she sent me this adorable avocado printed notebook, a jar of nutella, and a unicorn decoration.

ALSO, it’s samantha’s birthday today! everyone, head on over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday! we love you, sam! remember, less panic, more disco!!


i got eleanor & park by rainbow rowell! i asked for this and i finished it on the flight to the family reunion. it was so so good, i loved it! do you guys want a review?

my brother got me this book called let it snow. it’s written by 3 separate authors and they’re 3 different romance stories, but they all tie together at the end. i finished this, too, and it was extremely cute & well-written. ❤


probably one of my favorite gifts was this denim jacket. i’ve spent FOREVER looking for something like it, and this one is perfect. it’s light wash, distressed, and has some flower embroidery on one shoulder. i am slightly obsessed, it’s so comfortable and stylish. ❤

i also got this olive green bomber jacket! it’s super cute, a little bit cropped, and a gorgeous color. i also really like the ruched fabric, it looks kind of frilly and adds some detail. plus, it’s really warm.

i asked for the colourpop supershock eyeshadow in the shade amaze. it’s a realllllly pretty gold color and looks gorgeous on my eyes, and as you can see, i’ve already used quite a bit of it. 😛

i’m so happy that my parents got me those, since i asked for all of them, and i definitely didn’t expect to get them all. thank youuu. ❤

my brother got me this bath bomb…which i already have. XD well, i certainly don’t mind another one…

stocking stuffers: 

in my stocking, i got a new phone case and popsocket since mine broke. the glittery stars in the case move around when i tilt my phone, and the popsocket is a glittery pink and goes with the rose gold color of my phone. i love them both, they match so well.

and….my favorite present of all……





































































tired of scrolling yet? 😉

























almost there…






































my parents just told me today! the concert is in the beginning of june, so the tickets are part of my birthday gift. I SERIOUSLY CAN’T BELIEVE IT BECAUSE MY DAD TOLD ME THE SHOW WAS ALL SOLD OUT BUT I’M GOING AND I CAN’T WAIT AND I’M SO GOSHDILLYDARN EXCITED! hearing her songs in person is going to be so different-and probabaly a million times cooler- than listening to it on my phone, and i seriously can’t wait!!!!

i’m sorry, the old rutvi can’t come to the phone right now.


oh, ’cause she’s TOO FREAKING EXCITED.


thank you, dad, thank you so much! i’ve loved taylor swift forever and the fact that i get to go to her reputation world tour is unbelievably amazing!!! ❤

highlights of the year:


  • releasing my book, everland
  • discovering new bands like panic! at the disco, all time low, and fall out boy aka changing/ruining my life😂
  • going to the chainsmokers’ concert
  • meeting samantha
  • starting 8th grade
  • hitting 200 followers
  • tay’s new album coming out
  • family reunion
  • starting stranger things

that’s it, everyone! i love you guys. i hope your 2017 was awesome and your 2018 is better. 🙂

what are your plans for new years?



//have a cup of cheer//

merry christmas eve! it’s going to be snowing all day today, and it looks so beautiful, but it’s so cold like my heart.

i couldn’t, because i had leggings on and i was too lazy to put on snowpants.
actually, i don’t even know if i own snowpants. :/
falling snow is one of the prettiest things ever. ❤
fun fact: i hate stepping in fresh snow, i always try to step in other people’s footprints. do any of you do that?
happy holidays to everyone! i hope all of you eat a lot of food and get everything you asked for. ❤
we’re leaving for vacation early tomorrow morning, so we opened our gifts today-you can expect a haul soon. 🙂
what are your plans for christmas? are you going anywhere for vaca?

it’s a long drive home to normality

hi guys! (title is from archers by with confidence.) we haven’t talked in a while! you guys are really important to me, and i want to know what’s happening in your life, so feel free to chat with me in the comments. 🙂


-i joined polar bear running club at my school, where we run in the cold. i hate running and i suck at long distance, so i don’t know why i joined, but it’s fun. i can’t wait until we can have snowball fights.

-there’s this really annoying kid in my group for a history project. he refused to do any work and instead sent his friend memes for 30 minutes, and then he tried to argue with me that taking an entire paragraph from a website and putting quotation marks around it isn’t plagiarism. i got tired of arguing with him, so after he completely ignored the teacher who told him to write his own paragraph, i sweetly raised my hand and said, “can i go to the bathroom? this is giving me a headache.” and left class for the rest of the period.

not today by imagine dragons and a daydream away by all time low (thanks loren) are my new favorite songs, go listen to them and then fangirl with meeee. also can we talk about how underrated the chainsmokers are???? like???? they’re great, their lyrics are amazing, and andrew and alex are so cute ❤

-christmas is only 13 days away!?!?!?!!? that’s less than two weeks??? btw, i applaud those of you who do blogmas, a new blog post every day is a LOT of work.

-current fav book: the woman in cabin 10 by ruth ware.

-we took high school placement tests a couple months ago, and i’m getting the results today. I’M SO NERVOUS. i’ll update with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down when i get them.

-my brother keeps trying to eat my cookies so i chased him around the house to get them back. #logic

-i updated my about me page with new pictures because i forgot that i did a face reveal…XD

-i found sooooo many good writing prompts on pinterest….i feel a story coming on….

-speaking of pinterest, you can follow me, my username is rutvi.

the struggles of group projects

hi everyone! school is in full swing, which means that unfortunately, i’ve been cursed with the task of doing quite a few group projects lately.






they are FREAKING TERRIBLE. i can’t be the only person who thinks this…right?! here’s why:

being the only person who does any work.

this is by far the most annoying part of group projects! some people are too lazy to do their part of the project, and they PROMISE TO DO IT, but they never do! (i’m looking at you, felipe from spanish class.) i am just so confused by this because DUDE. IF YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE GONNA HELP, WHY ISN’T THE PROJECT DONE?

…but also wanting to do the entire project because you’re afraid that if you let someone else do it, you’ll fail.

this is probably the most selfish and stupid reason on the list, but IT’S COMPLETELY VALID, OK?! i usually end up taking charge on group projects, which, admittedly,  kind of  makes me a terrible person to work with, because i kind of want to do everything, so it’s hard for me to even let other people do any work.  i always want to fix everything that people write, and by the time i’m done, it’s completely different. 😂

having people who don’t care in your group.

usually, i end up being in a group with someone who doesn’t give a rat’s fart  about their grades. and they just assume that i don’t care either! like, no!!!! that’s nottttt how this works. they spend the entire time goofing off, and when you try and tell them what to do, they’ll yell at you for being controlling?! (i kind of am but whatever)

when you have a limited amount of time but you still want to make a great project

my ideas tend to be very over the top, and that means that it takes a long time to get everything together and for the project to be perfect…but it’s hard when you only have a few days and you still want to do something creative! i hate just doing the bare minimum for projects, and going overboard is just what turns out the best and usually earns my group a good grade. but it’s just so goshdillydarn hard.

group grades

ughhhhh. group. grades. suck. teachers sometimes grade projects based on how the group as a whole did, which means that if someone messed up, we’re. all. doomed. not to mention that projects are usually A HUGE CHUNK of your overall grade!! if the project is bad, i’m basically going to fail that class, and then i won’t graduate school, and i won’t get a job when i’m older, so DON’T YOU DARE FAIL THAT PROJECT IF YOU’RE IN MY GROUP.

this is basically just me ranting about my group project while i actually should be working on it…..

also, i just re-read this post and…uhhhh…. i sound insane. i bet all of you are hoping you never have to do group projects with me. XD

do you hate group projects?