You Know You’re a Writer When…


  1. You carry around notebooks and pencils in your purse instead of lip gloss.
  2. You want everyone around you to be quiet in case you get a story idea and want to write it down.
  3. You have a bunch of writing prompts screen-shotted on your phone.
  4. When you’re writing, you spend a lot of time trying to make each and every letter perfectly straight.
  5.  You can turn anything around you into a story.
  6. When you’re doing homework  or schoolwork, you want silence, but when you’re writing you have no problem with listening to music. (ME)
  7. You look at baby-naming sites to find names for your characters.
  8. You have millions of notebooks with only about 5 pages filled, but you never have any idea which one to use.
  9. Whenever you hear a really pretty-sounding name, you write it down to use in a story.
  10. When you’re trying to come up with a plot so you write down all your random ideas AND NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THEM.

I had fun with that! They all describe me perfectly, what about you? Can you relate to any of these? Have a great weekend!

~Rutvi ❤

Your Blog Makes me Feel Fuzzy inside Award

Hello! So, Maplelea nominated me for this award that she made up- thanks! I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog. Your blog is great too!

Onto the questions:

  • Do you have any pets?

No, I don’t! A few of my aunts have dogs, though, and I play with them. I’ve always wanted a cat, though. (hint, hint, my birthday present) 😛

  • What are their names?


  • Have you ever played Terraria?

I don’t know what that is! :/

  • do you like to write? If so, what about?

I LOVE writing! I write mainly fantasy stories, but I write other kinds of stories, and I sometimes write poems, too.

  • Do you like going swimming?

Yeah! In fact, I used to take swimming lessons, for like, 6 years. 🙂 I love swimming in summer and on vacations.

  • is your hair wavy, straight, curly or other?

My hair is… straivy. Lol, I made that up. My mom says it’s stick straight, but I think it’s kind of wavy.

I tag…




~Rutvi ❤


I Was You {Writing}

Hi, I’ve been working on this story recently and decided to post it. 🙂


“Race you to the top of the tree!”  A young girl shouted to her sister. Her soft brown curls flew out behind her as she laughed and scrambled up the trunk. She reached the highest branch just seconds before her sister and pumped her fist with victory. Her brilliant blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. That was the last thing I remembered before the memory shifted.


The mist swirled. There stood a figure I knew very well. The girl fought against him. “Help me!” She screamed.
I could feel her pain as if it was my own. Because it was.

I was her.

And that’s part 1! I really want to continue that story; hopefully I will post more parts soon. What did you think? Any guesses on what’ll happen next?

~Rutvi ❤

20 Weird Things I Do

Hello! Today, I’ve put together a post on 20 awkward situations or weird things I do. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does any of these xD

  •  When I get hot chocolate, I always try to look through the little hole to see how much whipped cream is in there.
  • When I’m doing my homework, I might just randomly get up and start doing cartwheels.
  • Listen to a song on repeat until I can’t stand it anymore.
  • Making fingerprints on my phone all go in the same direction
  • Take a billion selfies when I look really good and them delete them all
  • When I have a blanket on, I move my toes around a lot.
  • Whipping my hair when one of my friends is standing behind me
  • Saying, “I’m full,” and 5 minutes later, going up to my mom: “Mom, can I have that cupcake?”
  • Writing a post and planning to post it the next day but accidentally post it anyway.
  • When someone comes over for dinner  and I don’t know who they are so I get really quiet
  • Before jumping into the pool, I always spend at least 5-10 minutes just dipping my feet into the water, trying to get used to it.
  • Seeing a bee, and then running away screaming (I just did this today. Not even lying.)
  • Lifting up the laptop and lightly hitting it under my lip when I’m thinking and writing a post.
  • Getting a good story idea and then forgetting it because I was lazy to write it down.
  • Thinking of one word or something around me and randomly getting other thoughts.
  • Giving my friends and family nicknames because of what color shirt they’re wearing or something similar. (One of my friends is banana ’cause he’s tall, one is Hulk because he has a puffy green coat, etc.)
  • Pushing my glasses up on my nose but then ending up just shoving it into my face
  • Thinking I sound good singing something, only to realize that I sound awful when I record myself.
  • Forgetting to check a blog for a while, and then go back to it and reading all the posts I’ve missed.
  • Actually saying hi to people I know when I see them at stores and stuff.

So, do you do any of those? Comment below!

Blossoms, Bark, and my Backyard {Photography}


Okay, sorry, that was random. But I’m hungry. Like always. LOL! 😛

Anyway, let’s get right into the pictures, ’cause that’s what you came here for, right? DSC04499DSC04503DSC04504This is the picture I’m entering for BIBPC. (Category: textures)DSC04509DSC04513DSC04517DSC04516DSC04523DSC04524These are mint leaves. 🙂 DSC04510DSC04488.JPGDSC04518DSC04477.JPGI saved my favorite for last. ❤ I really love how this one turned out!

So, which one was YOUR favorite? I’d love to know. 🙂 Have an awesome day!



~Rutvi ❤

BIBPC Entry #2

Happy Friday! Here is my entry for Megan’s BIBPC. The category is critters. DSC03664That’s a picture of a bug I saw when my family went to Punta Cana.

I’m excited- my girl scout troop is going on an outing and we’re going to get donuts afterward. ☺️ Also, this weekend, I’m going to perform in a cultural dance program, so that’s really cool.

See ya!

~Rutvi ❤