Recreating Tumblr Photography

Hi everyone! Tumblr is like heaven for fangirls and photographers. Lucky for you, I’m both, so today you get to see me recreating artsy photography from tumblr. I saw this idea on Sam’s blog, and she did an awesome job, and I’ve really wanted to do it since then. I did okay-ish. The photos look….fine? Idk, they’re not my best, but I’m posing them anyway.

I only have two in this post, but if you’d like me to do more, I will. 🙂

Image result for pretty tumblr book photography
I actually really like how this turned out. The colors would have been more like the original if not for the bokeh effect I had to put in, but I still think it’s pretty nice.
Image result for pretty tumblr book photography
THIS TOOK FOREVER. I had to put my camera on a timer, retake and re-edit the photos over and over again, and it wasn’t even really worth it, because the angle’s off, the saturation is too bright, and just overall….ehh.

What do you think? Do you want a part 2?

All photos were edited on befunky. It was my first time using that site, but I like it almost better than picmonkey!

Makeup Routine <3

Hi everyone, so I know this isn’t the type of post I normally do, but I kind of wanted to show you guys my makeup routine. This is typically what I would wear on a summer day or if I was going somewhere. For school, I’d normally just throw on concealer & mascara just to feel put together. But this a natural makeup routine for “glam days” or just for when I feel like it.

I can’t show my face on here, so I’m just going to be naming the products I use, the order I use them in, and how I like them.

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A BEAUTY GURU!! I learned how to do my makeup by looking things up and experimenting. I just thought it would be a fun post to do, and that you guys would maybe like to see how I get ready in the morning. Also, I’m definitely not saying that everyone should wear makeup or anything like that.  Again, this post is just for fun. You are beautiful, with or without makeup!

^^This is everything in my makeup bag. Of course I don’t use ALLLLL of this on a daily basis, though.

(foundation not included in photo above)

SO, what I like to start with is prepping my face, typically just with a moisturizer. Then I use my Real Techniques expert face brush to put on a light layer of foundation. Then I take a small concealer brush (lol it’s from dollar tree) and put on concealer (that’s the little purple jar) under my eyes and on any spots. I then blend it out with the same brush I used for foundation. Also, sometimes I’ll skip foundation and go straight for concealer. 

I then use my dollar store blush brush (hey, it works) and my tarte blush in the shade ‘paaarty’ to dust a bit of color onto my cheeks. And if I want to use highlight, I’ll probably use the same brush and my e.l.f. highlighter in the shade Blush Gems. I honestly don’t wear highlight enough to get a separate brush for it.

I know there’s an eyeshadow palette in there, but I really only use that on special occasions, and not for everyday makeup, so we’re skipping eyeshadow.

Thennnn, I finish the look off with my Maybelline Mascara. I had the Lash Sensational mascara before this, but I ran out of it and had to get a new one. I decided to try something a little different and I ended up liking my previous mascara’s wand better since it was curved, so I cleaned it up and stuck it in my new mascara.

I also have the travel size version of benefit’s roller lash mascara, but since it is such a tiny bottle I don’t use it all the time. I do love it though, it gives my lashes so much length and a bit of a curl, and it’s natural looking.

I rarely use lip gloss/ lipstick, and normally just use baby lips lip balm, but when I do, I’ll usually use the L’oréal Infallible lip gloss in a pretty mauve shade, and I like this because it makes my lips, well, glossy, and it’s a gorgeous color.

That’s it for my makeup routine, I hope it was fun to read! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this.

Questions? Leave a comment!

Have a beautiful day! (I’m sorry, I know I’m cheesy. I literally could not think of another end to this post.)





Quick Question

Hey everyone, I just have a quick question. Do you have any suggestions about what I can post on here? Something you’d like to see? Book Reviews, DIYs, etc.? Let me know in the comments! I’m thinking about posting more makeup and fashion stuff, like product reviews and such, but I didn’t know if y’all wanted to read  that, so I’m just asking-would you?

I’ll be happy to do whatever you suggest!

-Rutvi ❤

// sunshine girl //

This is yet another beautiful post by Loren. I’d reblog all of them if I could. She really appreciates her best friends and so do I. Her friends are lucky to have her. 🙂

let's be lost

and she means everything to me

“now close your eyes, and please understand that you are still young, and the universe is endless, and somehow, everything will be ok.” x

« post idea from izzy’s rad blog »

songs in bold are explicit.

girls/girls/boys // panic! at the disco

without you // oh wonder

you and me both // the classic crime

viva indifference // frnkiero andthe cellabration

on the wing // owl city

still breathing // green day

hold on till may // pierce the veil

when // dodie

landslide // oh wonder

my paper heart // the all-american rejects

things i appreciate about my best friend:

she’s the only one who can make me blush. we have the most confusing relationship. are we enemies? siblings? lovers? you’ll never know. holding hands 24/7. ☼ singing love songs to each other. me, silently: she’s so cute and wonderful and…

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Guys. GUYS. I never thought I would get to meet one of my blogging friends, but….



I GOT TO MEET THE LOVELY SAMANTHA FROM REDHEAD WITH A BOOK! She’s even more awesome in real life, guys, I’m so lucky I got to meet her! I had a blast!! Go follow her if you haven’t already-she’s my twin.

It was really cool to kind of see a behind-the-scenes of Sam’s blogs,  and meet her adorable cat, Twila!😻

And because Sam’s AMAZING, she got me this adorable pusheen planner, a couple mini emoji pillows, a bookmark, a handmade bracelet, and a really sweet card!image.jpg


I’m SO happy we got to meet, it almost didn’t work out but we made it happen!!! Sam’s such a beautiful, smart, quirky person, and it’s so cool that I can now say I know her IRL!

(Sam and I were talking yesterday and we both agreed it would be perfect if Loren was there.)


GUYS. How cool is it to be able to say I’ve been in my favorite blogger’s ROOM?! (Btw, Sam, your rainbow bookshelf looks way better than mine ever did. XD)

Thank you SO much Sam for such an awesome experience! I had SO much fun and the whole time I was like “OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!!”


what a broken glass will never tell you //im fine, i swear

i used to not care. but everything just
“why does my stuff always matter the least?”
“because you’re the youngest.”
why am I even surprised? i already knew that.
this was simply a confirmation.
it wasn’t even a big deal. at all.
but you know
the little things are often
im ok, i promise.
just step around me.

(mom, please don’t ask. im fine.)

//eyes are windows to the soul//

i think eyes are really pretty. one of the first things I notice about people is their eye color. hazel eyes are my favorite. my friends all have gorgeous eye colors, meanwhile i’m stuck with this plain brown. it’s ok, though-i’d look creepy with any other color. still, they’re not interesting. anyway, i hope you enjoy my photos. 👁☺️

which one’s better, in your opinion?

have an awesome day.💖


Describe the Days Of The Week Tag

I’ve been wanting to do this tag for a really long time, and I just saw that Mirra tagged me to do it. Here’s what the days of the week would be like as people to me.


MONDAY: Monday’s a moody teenager. She’s disorganized and always has a million things to do.

TUESDAY: Tuesday is very laid back, he does what she needs to and then relaxes. He is kind and is gentle with animals.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday is the middle child and is always taking care of her younger siblings, Thursday and Friday. She thinks no one appreciates her but this is not true. She’s obedient and always doing her homework. She’s witty and likes making puns.

THURSDAY: Thursday gets along best with Tuesday. He’s sporty and is young but spends a lot of time thinking about his future.

FRIDAY: Friday is the youngest. She’s very upbeat and has a lot of energy. She loves loudly listening to music and hanging out with her friends. Her family and friends love her and smile when she walks into a room. She’s always happy and is mischievous.

SATURDAY: Saturday’s the “chill” older brother, who drives his little siblings places, and plays video games nonstop. Saturday never has any plans and is almost as messy as his sister, Monday.

SUNDAY: Sunday is very religious and is the mom of the family. She loves being in control and chiding Friday when and does something wrong. She’s very beautiful and loves baking.



I TAG: anyone who is currently wearing blue.

did you like this post? if you did, let me know! i love comments.





hello everyone, i’m currently on vacation and wanted to share some photos i’ve taken! (i didn’t take the last one. obviously. it’s meeeee!)

i hope all y’all (omg look i’m turning into my spanish teacher.) are having a great summer break!