//and most things in between//


are you the soccer god or the nerd? the diva or the quiet one? the girly girl or tomboy?


they’re used for jobs, for computer files, and for stores.

and for people.

everyone is supposed to know what they are now. they must define themselves.

the pretties. the uglies. the stupid.

you are not an object.

you are not a broken heart to be calling yourself ugly, and you are not a dictionary to call yourself stupid.

so for those who are wondering.

i’m not any of the above.

on multiple choice tests, i make up my answer.

when asked, my answer is none.

i’m everything in between.

i’m the one who loves music but isn’t emo.

i’m the one who wears makeup and girly clothes but also lives in sweatpants on the weekends.

i’m the one who plays soccer, runs track, and does gymnastics but isn’t a jock.

i’m the one who gets A’s but isn’t quite sure why.

i’m the loud one who’s quiet.

i’m everything in between.

i don’t go into a category.

maybe you don’t either.

you don’t need to create a new one.

you can live in the spaces in between each one.

it’s ok not to fit in.

because then you can stand out.

and wouldn’t you like that so much better?

i’m shy and loud at the same time.

i love everything and i love people but sometimes i prefer being alone.

i love myself but i’m not narcissistic.

i think i’m beautiful- i think everyone is- but sometimes i can’t help but feel ugly.

i’m nice but i’m not a saint.

i can be tough but i show my emotions easily.

i play sports but i’m what people call a nerd.

i’m a good actress whenever i don’t want to be.

i can sing but i freeze up when people watch me.

i pretend i’m unaffected but hate really gets to me.

i care about people but sometimes i’m not sure if they care about me as much.

i’m not tall but i’m not short.

i’m good but i’m not that good.

i’m everything in between.


Airports are Boring

Hey everyone. So, I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing. You’ve made my blogging experience something beautiful, and I am so grateful. Thank you. But I have an announcement:

I am leaving this blog. I can’t continue to post on here, making posts now is a task. It used to be fun, but now….something’s changed. It’s not my passion, and I can’t focus all my energy on this blog. But it’s been fun, no doubt. I’ll continue to post comments and view blogs, I just won’t be posting. I WILL leave C&C up, though, so my old posts are still viewable. I hope you guys understand. Thanks for everything, Unicorns.

Hasta la vista.

(This is totally an April Fool’s joke. I’m lame, I know. IM NOT LEAVING THIS BLOG, just to be clear.) 

I’ll delete this post later, once all of you have been scared. K cool bye.