The Inside Joke Tag!

Hi guys! I have a fun idea for a tag, so… te presento a……. (let me introduce you to…..)













What you have to do is list 5 of your inside jokes that  you have with your friends, family, or anyone else.  (because, let’s face it, everyone has an inside joke with someone.)

Then, in the comments of your blog, the first 5 people to try and guess what the inside jokes mean are AUTOMATICALLY TAGGED to do the Inside Joke Tag!

Rules: If the person guesses what the inside joke is about CORRECTLY, you must respond to their comment with the tomato emoji, or just type, ‘tomato.’


Here are my inside jokes.
  • Green Mascara
  • #Wellthatsjustbleachy
  • Sriracha Skirts
  • 😎🦄

‘kay, so get to it! What do you think these mean?!

Adios, mi amigas. ❤


Review: Luna Lovegood POP! Figure

Hi guys! Yesterday I received the Luna Lovegood POP! Figure as a present from my brother. 🙂 So here’s a review!


Luna’s outfit is her Hogwarts uniform: A skirt, sweater, and tie. Her accessories are the cutest! The little radish earrings are a really nice touch. Also, you can see her spider ring and wand. dsc08437

She comes with a clear plastic stand that is takeoffable, (my word for removable 😛 ) which helps her stand up. dsc08438

Her long blond hair is absolutely gorgeous, and her eyelashes are so long and pretty. dsc08439dsc08440

Here you can see a little bit of light pink blush on her cheeks, which makes her look young an innocent. 🙂 dsc08441
She’s so… LUNA!dsc08443

In case you didn’t know, POP! figures are designed to have really big heads, tiny bodies, and big black eyes. This makes the characters really adorable! dsc08444dsc08445dsc08446dsc08448

They are made of really smooth vinyl. Ahhhh… I just love the feeling of POP! figures’ skin! 😉dsc08449dsc08450dsc08451

Look at the tiny design on her shoes!dsc08452dsc08453dsc08455dsc08456

Well, that’s it! Look for more posts with Loony soon. XD



{oh hello there, autumn}

It really feels like fall now. Where I am, it’s super cold!! Today, I hung out with my friend and we took some pictures. We had a blast, and we walked to Starbucks too. Yum! Here are some photos from today and the last couple of days. IMG_4866.JPG


All of these were taken on my phone- I apologize for the quality. :/ img_4676img_4789img_4805

The rest of this is an updates post:

Reading currently:

♥ A Matter of Heart, by Amy Fellner Dominy.

♥ Confessions of a Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella.

♥ My Summer of Pink & Green, by Lisa Greenwald.

Also I’ve been re-reading the old Calvin & Hobbes books. 😛 Hehe, they’re just funny!


FIRST band concert was on Tuesday night! Guys- it was so great. We did a really good job and it was a ton of fun. We’re now working on some holiday-themed music for our next concert in December.

First Quarter ended today- just 3 more to go. Classes are meh, I’m doing good, and I’m just barely surviving gym class, thanks for asking. XD

Oh, and totally random, but basically my 9th period class (writing) consisted of me eating Cheez-its, listening to music, and waiting for the bell to ring. What I do in class Nah, JK, I finished all my work and was told to ‘chill’ so that’s what really happened.

We did a totally weird lab in science. It involved termites. It was not pleasant. Me and my partner (it wasn’t MY fault!!! 😛 ) accidentally broke off 2 of our termite’s legs. Ouch. Well, my friend killed hers. Even worse. Ugh. I don’t like bugs.


Soccer tournament is happening right now! We tied our first Tournament Game on Monday 1-1. Another game tomorrow versus my friend. 🙂


what no i’m not obsessed with bitmojis, what are you talking about???


Gymnastics is, uh, gymnastics. Nothing new.

Listening To:

Loving the song Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey. Kinda old but isalgood. XD And I also really like All We Know.

K, that’s it….

LMK if you have any post requests. My mind legit looks like this right now: Image result for tumbleweed ghost town gif

How to Be Invisible: a Writer’s Guide

Great post, Allison! I learned a lot from this post and I know you guys will too! 😊

A Farm Girl's Life

invisible author.jpg With NaNoWriMo coming up, I thought this would be a great time to post some writing tips and tricks! 🙂 Of course I’m certainly not a professional writer, and I make these very same mistakes all the time. I’m simply sharing some tips and suggestions that I hope will help you and me to improve our writing. 🙂 (BE WARNED: This is a veeery long post! XD )


The “how to be invisible” part of my title comes from this essay I wrote for school. I’ve added a few notes, but otherwise pretty much left it as it is. I’ll probably refer to this in the rest of the post.


How to Be Invisible: A Writer’s Guide to More Natural Storytelling

You’re absorbed in a story when an awkward phrase or a misplaced word brings you up short. Was that a mistake, or did you just skip a sentence? Now you…

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Hi guys! Today I have some pics of a little kitty…she’s so stinkin adorable! I saw her while riding my bike to a neighbor’s house. When she saw me, she mewed and came towards me. I didn’t pet her because I thought she might be a stray (she wasn’t), so what do I do instead? Pull out my phone and take pictures of her, duh! img_4571img_4579img_4588img_4589img_4591img_4592img_4602img_4612

Guyyyyssss isn’t she the cutest thing ever???

She kept rubbing herself against my legs and meowing and it was just so sweet!!!😍


Never boring

What a cute, well-written post! Another wonderful post from the wonderful Hayley. 😍 I love all the pictures and the essay, too!

Flourishing by Restful Falls

Let’s ignore the fact that there’s snow in these pictures; I’m just a little late posting this, that’s all. Enjoy this essay I wrote six months ago about an adorable toddler (who now has more hair, is talking like a pro, and tumbles to the ground rarely these days).


Maverick is never boring…

Babies are full of poop. But since my sister takes care of the diaper changes when we babysit, I’m okay with that. Babies are also full of ever-changing expressions, hilarious curiosity, and fun walking antics. All in all, my one-year-old neighbor, Maverick, is never boring.


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These are some pic collages I’ve made recently. Thoughts??? 🙂  I personally love the first one. 😛 ❤

Ups & Downs of Today:

Ups: Soccer game today!!! (vs my friend’s team….mwahaha XD)

Downs: None! (yet 😉 )