my tyler joseph paper

The fans roar with excitement. “I LOVE YOU!” a girl screams, and it’s one of the many times he will hear those words tonight.  He grips the microphone, his heart swelling with pride and gratitude. He’s made it. He glances at his drummer and smiles.  Tyler Joseph, lead singer of the band Twenty Øne Pilots, begins to sing.

It isn’t his first time performing a concert, but tonight is just as special, because he knows his lyrics have saved someone’s life.  Tyler Joseph, lyrical genius, grew up in Columbus, Ohio, with his brothers Zack and Jay and his sister Madison.  His love of music began when he dug a keyboard out of his closet and began to sing and compose songs.  Tyler started Twenty Øne Pilots as a band with a few of his high school friends, and released his own EP album called “No Phun Intended”. The name Twenty One Pilots comes from a play Tyler was reading in college called All My Sons, where a man sent out faulty plane parts, and twenty-one pilots died as a result of that. Since TØP was created, drummer Josh Dun has joined the band, and their songs have gained popularity- a few have even gotten to the top of the charts.  Tyler and Josh even wrote a song for the movie Suicide Squad.  But perhaps what people like the most about TØP lyrics is how real they are and how they reflect real problems like mental illnesses. People of all ages can relate to the feelings of hopelessness and depression expressed in Tyler’s songs. These songs assure people that they are not alone in feeling suicidal or depressed, while also providing a sense of hope and a reason to not give up.  Many fans have even said that his music has saved their lives.

Besides Tyler Joseph’s successful music career, he has faced many difficulties along the way, some of which inspired his best and most relatable songs. Tyler Joseph struggles with bipolar disorder, which means he could be happy at one point and then suddenly sink into a deep depression. At 17, he learned that it’s possible to commit suicide by tying a noose to a kitchen sink and leaning forward.  His suicidal feelings took over him, and he attempted to take his life. His suicide attempt is what inspired his song Kitchen Sink, in which he says that a kitchen sink means something different to him than what it means to everyone else. His character “Blurryface” (mentioned in his most recent album) is a representation of his insecurities, as is wearing black paint on his neck and hands.

Tyler Joseph is now happily married & very successful with his music career. Twenty Øne Pilots is set to release a new album later this year.   It is a true blessing that Tyler failed to kill himself, because without him, others who’d contemplated suicide wouldn’t have the sense of hope that Tyler Joseph’s music gives them. “Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind,” and “Life has a hopeful undertone…” He sings.   Because he knows how it feels to want to end your life, his main goal is to help people get rid of their depression and suicidal thoughts.  Many of his lyrics reassure fans that he is there for them and that they will be alright. Tyler’s songs express the frustration that comes with feeling like the world is against you, but he also stated that the most important part of his career is encouraging his listeners to stay alive.

Twenty Øne Pilots will never be just another “emo” band.  So much time and so many emotions have gone into making this music, and the lyrics are far more meaningful than most assume. Tyler Joseph‒and all fans of Twenty-One Pilots- can’t wait for the next album. The end of the concert is greeted with thunderous applause and whistles. The neon stage lights stop flashing and the clapping is so loud it fills Tyler’s ears and heart. He stands on stage for just a few minutes longer than necessary, thanking each and every one of his fans, for not only has he saved them, but, in a way, they have saved him too.

hi everyone! a lot of you said you wanted to see my paper about tyler joseph, so here it is, completed!  i got an A on it 🙂 it was fun to write and to research, i actually learned a lot. i also was super happy that i could express my love for tøp in my schoolwork. 😛

important: it was loren’s birthday a couple days ago, everyone head over to killjoy and wish her a happy birthday! love you, queen. ❤

love, rutvi ❤ |-/ ❤

michigan photography dump


my family drove up to michigan for the long weekend, and i took a lot of pictures while we were there. however, i did manage to narrow it down to only the really good ones. here they are! 🙂

le old treehouse

(and basically my aunt & uncle’s whole backyard)

can i just say that i was ~s u p e r  f r e a k e d~ to go up this ladder because it’s like 20 years old and the entire floor of the treehouse had been ripped out?

my cardigan kept getting stuck to thorns and branches, so that was fun.
i’m pretty sure this is where i almost fell.
here’s some drab brown trees, but look, BOKEH!
i love treehouses so much.
awwww lookit the squirrel<3
i love this one because you can see the scratches on the wood and the layer of moss that’s starting to grow on it.
99% sure this is a rope that was once used to climb up to the treehouse or get down from there.

that’s what it looks like from under. not really sure how that happened, but yeaaah, i wasn’t about to step in there.

le bagel shop

i had a sundried-tomato bagel. ’twas good.

le graffiti

this was really cool because it was just a little alleyway with a ton of graffiti, and since it makes for interesting pictures, there were a lot of photographers there. i was kind hoping for some more art-like stuff instead of tons of words, but i thought these were cool anyway, so i’m posting them.

yes, that’s gum. yes, it is disgusting. and a little amazing.

one of the photographers started dying of laughter when she saw this. XD
this one was by far my favorite picture i took in that alley, the dripping paint & the word rebel just looks really cool.
i know, i’m wearing a t-shirt and gloves, i’m so hipster. i guess it adds to the gray tones in the picture though. (this isn’t graffiti but it’s art. plus, i don’t have another category ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

i actually love this??

le random

this was really pretty. too bad it didn’t taste as good as it looked…. 

le mist

i was trying to take a picture of the trees outside, but the camera focused on the rain on the windows instead, which actually turned out pretty cool.

ooh, fog.
considering i took these in a moving car, i really like them.

i hope you liked these! favorites?? oh, and congratulations on getting through all that. 😛

rutvi ♥

unknowingly and everywhere.

hi, everyone! a friend recently lent me her copy of milk and honey by rupi kaur, and i loved it a lot. the poems were beautiful and so honest, it actually kind of stung. i really want to read the sun and her flowers (rupi’s next book) now.

here were a couple of my favorite poems:

some people

are so bitter

to them

you must be kindest

i was music

but you had your ears cut off

you were temptingly beautiful

but stung when i got close

your art

is not about how many people

like your work

your art

is about

if your heart likes your work

if your soul likes your work

it’s about how honest

you are with yourself

and you

must never

trade honesty

for relatability




question of the day: hot chocolate or coffee?


:at night:

nighttime is when you’re most vulnerable.

night is when the truth comes out.



are told

at night

these things you say to yourself when the sky is dark and your mind is exhausted

are things you’d never dare to say when light is shining through your window.

night tells you things you don’t want to hear

night is when it’s easiest

to be alone

and to tell yourself these truths.

and night is when you can cry

and no one can hear

hey guys, how are you?

i’m sorry i’ve been so absent on here, i really need to post more. i’ll try harder, i promise. what would you guys like to see more of?

some updates:

  • you’re such a by hailee steinfeld is a good song
  • i just read all the bright places by jennifer niven, and it was so heartbreakingly beautiful and amazing. it’s the first book that’s ever made me cry.
  • i made a band board with pictures of all my fav bands on it. i’ll post pictures soon.  :))
  • i’m writing a paper about tyler joseph for school. maybe i’ll post it here when i’m done??



part of the reason i loved all the bright places so much was because it told me that you can be everything to someone, you can love someone and they can love you, but that doesn’t mean you can stop them from doing things that will hurt you. 

bye, lovelies. ❤