Moss + Frostbite

Today, I went outside to take some pictures. It’s really cold, and I had to go outside with no hat (I have a ponytail in my hair 😛 ) and eventually took my gloves off to hold my phone. My last photography post was a while ago, so I hope you enjoy these…

These last 3 are my favorites. ♥
I’ve seen some other bloggers take photos like that with their phones, and it just looks really cute to me. So I finally tried it, and I will DEFINITELY be taking many others like them.

Have a great day!

~Rutvi ❤


Háblame means talk to me. 🙂

Hi, everyone! So today I have a few updates I’d like to talk about.


Currently in the process of editing my book. I’ve done my editing, and my mom’s friend is going to review it. I still need a cover design, though.




^^ Two extra photos that I forgot to put in with the rest of my photos from Florida. The one on the right is my phone background 😉


I haven’t had time to go out and take pictures, so there likely won’t be any photography posts until it gets warmer. Plus, it’s icky and gross outside so you probably don’t want any pictures of that anyway. and also i have way too many “artsy” pictures of my feet and you guys are probably tired of that too


This post is taking me me wayyyyy too long to write. I keep getting sidetracked by new post notifications, XD






Here’s some stuff that annoys me. Tell me if you can relate!

  • when people spell ‘definitely’ as ‘defiantly’.
  • when people say ‘You to’ instead of ‘You too’.
  • when skinny people say “I’m so fat!”
  • When teachers say “don’t eat in class” and then they have a full meal + coffee and we just have to starve
  • Not knowing what I am. Like, am I a child? Well I’m not technically an adult…but can I still order off kid’s menus at restaurants? Because honestly some of the options on there are better than the adult menus.
  • My food being cold at lunch (Mom, if you’re reading this, I know this pet peeve is from you, haha 😛 )
  • People when they say “I hate Harry Potter” even though THEY’VE NEVER READ THE SERIES.
  • Cold classrooms.



~Rutvi ❤


Drawing for Dummies, Episode 1: Shading

why so shady, guys??


Hey! As I was drawing (I’m working on a big surprise!), I remembered an idea that I had around Valentine’s Day  last year: drawing for dummies. So not everyone is a great artist, and I don’t think I am all that amazing either. So I wanted to give my readers some drawing tutorials that aren’t vague and hard to follow. So, drawing for dummies was born…. Please welcome: a new series on my blog!

This first episode covers the basics: shading. (Please excuse the bad photos, I hope you can still see what I’m doing.)


1. Start off by drawing a little house shape: a simple square pyramid on top of a cube. What we’re going to be drawing is a house, with the shade falling on the side of the roof.

2. ^^ See where I’m pointing? Make small horizontal lines starting from the top corner of the roof. Then make vertical lines on top,  as if to make a checked pattern. You can make some of the lines darker than others, because shade doesn’t always fall across a roof perfectly.

3. Take the pad of your finger,

4. And carefully smudge the checks you drew.

5. (First picture in 2nd row) It will look a bit messy, and not perfectly blended in or natural. Keep shading it until you are pleased with how the shading looks.

6. Erase any shading that went out of the lines.

7. Now carefully re-define the other lines on the house with a firm hand. The lines should look darker, and the shading will look natural, as if the sun is actually on the other side.

8. (First photo in row 3) Now draw an apple. Most people would be content with just coloring it red and being done with it, but nope! Sorry, guys! We’re being fancy. Repeat the “hatched” pattern that you drew on the side of the roof on the house, on one side of the apple.

9. Now, instead of using the pad of your finger, use your knuckles to blend in the pencil. It will go smoother and is better for getting into small spaces- like drawings of apples!

10. You shouldn’t have too much to erase, but if some of your shading goes outside the lines, then feel free to.


Shading makes drawings look a lot more realistic, and when done right, is a technique that makes most artists feel LIKE A BOSS.


Did this help? Are you excited for the next episode of Drawing for Dummies?

P.S. 100 posts on this blog! Wow! Time flies. 🙂

– Rutvi🎨🎨🎨

Starry Night

Hey, everyone!  I have some artwork that I’ve been dying to show you:

I painted a mug recently based off of the famous painting ‘Starry Night’. When I told my mom what I wanted to do, I could tell she thought it was really ambitious, but I did it anyway, and I love how it turned out: img_7027

That’s how it looked before it was glazed, and after is below. I will say that I was a bit disappointed that you can’t see the design as clearly, but it’s kind of cool because it LOOKS like it’s a plain mug, and then if you look closer, it’s Starry Night. 👌🏼What do you guys think about it? Do you like it? 😉 Adios, mi amigas! 🌌🌃🌠img_7326

My ENTIRE Harry Potter Collection

tHarry Potter.

How do I even begin to describe Harry Potter?

Harry potter is flawless.

He defeated the Dark Lord AND he’s amazing at Quidditch.

I hear his glasses are insured for 10,000 sickles.

I hear he does wand commercials…in Britain.

His favorite movie is The Deathly Hallows.

 One time he met Ginny on the Hogwarts express…

and she told him he was her hero.




I have a lot of Harry Potter stuff, and I thought it would be fun to show all of it to you guys.

Let’s do it!


dsc00293Gryffindor sweaterdsc00295


This shirt and the one below: from Universal Studios.DSC00310.JPGdsc00314


Sorry, I couldn’t get the camera to focus. This sweatshirt is a plain black one with the patch from this post ironed on to it.


I have this Luna Lovegood POP! figure, and a mini Hermione one.


See a review of Luna here.dsc00305dsc00306

“It’s LeviOsa, not LevioSA.”dsc00328

My Fantastic Beasts poster. (ugh, the focus again. Sorry about that.)dsc00336

Hermione Granger ❤

When I first put this sticker up, my mom didn’t want me to because I had a bunch of butterfly and flower stickers, and Hermione would just look out of place. Whelp, the sticker’s still there, and now I just find it funny. XDdsc00347dsc00348


This is outside my closet. Hermione looks ill. dsc00338dsc00339

Books mentioned throughout the series ^^ dsc00346

My well-worn copy of The Deathly Hallows. We also have all the books in a trunk. 🙂

I also have Hermione’s wand, which I’m not posting any more pictures of ’cause there’s a lot already, haha. But if you want to see it, click HERE.

Btw, I seriously apologize for the photo quality. It’s honestly not the best.

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know by dropping me a comment down below! 




~Rutvi Granger