Guess The Object #1-ANSWERS AND ROUND #2

Hey! I have the answers for my Guess the object post– see how many you got right!

The answer to number 1 was……Taco-clipart-free-clipart-images.png

A TACO!!!! All of you got it correct. 🙂

Gerald_G_Simple_Fruit_(FF_Menu)_16.pngNumber 2 wassss…… a watermelooooonnnnn!!!! XD

Number 3- jmISJcnjn.pngBread! My favorite guess for this one was Megan’s- she claimed it was a “What on earth?” LOLOLOL XD

burger_sandwich_PNG4138.pngNumber 4 was a- sammich! 😛

Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddddd….are ya ready for the final answer? It was…













The weather is wonderful today, is it not?
















Okay, now to see the winner.

It was a tie between…..Arunima and Megan!!! These were Arunima’s guesses: Taco, Watermelon slice, Chicken wing, Sandwich and a pea pod.

Megan’s were: Okay, so there’s a pea pod, a taco, a sandwich, a slice of watermelon… And then… What on earth?😄

A lot of people guessed chicken wing for #3. 🙂 (Lily, I’m vegetarian too, so I wouldn’t know either XD) Both Megan and Arunima got only ONE wrong: NICE! 😀 🙂

Here we go with round 2. The theme is things that start with  the letter S.



(Sorry, I couldn’t edit this one without making the background dark. Ignore it, please. 🙂 )salsa-clipart-ChipsSalsa.png

thingymabobberLast one!

There’s only 4, and they’re kinda easy.

Let’s do this!

Byyyyeeeee! ❤

~Rutvi ❤

{there’s no place like home}

There’s something about home that makes  it…comforting to me. My neighborhood, my backyard, my room, et cetera. I’m always smiling as I ride my bike around the block, and I love my home. ♥ So here are some pictures of what home is to me. 🙂DSC07608.JPG

The loud crickets in the evening…DSC07586DSC07589The swing where I spent hours writing and doing art this summer…DSC07592The playground that’s been there forever… (but can’t hold more than two people on the swings)DSC07595The creepy owl that sits on our patio table so the birds get scared and don’t use the table as a toilet…

Yup. So that sums up home. And here’s my late entry for BIBPC. Category: It was worth itIMG_3598 2

I saw this pretty butterfly when I was riding my bike with my friend, and I stopped to get a photo. It was really hard because butterflies move really fast, but it was worth it. 🙂


IMG_3595 2IMG_3595IMG_3597 2IMG_3597‘Kay. I’m done here. Bye! XD

~Rutvi ❤

Guess the Object #1

So, I love guessing games, as you can probably see from my Guess The Character Posts I used to do.

In these posts, I will take a clipart image and edit it to make it black. Your job is to guess what all of them are. For each of my Guess The Object posts, there will be a theme. The theme for this one is food. So, which foods do you think these are? Get guessing for a shoutout to your blog.

SO! The images:








Do you like this game? 😉

Also, I wanted to give you an update on school-I’m surviving it! I get to see my friends in band, and that seems super fun. Tomorrow will be my third day, and I’m getting lost less now, which is a miracle of sorts, LOL. XD I’ve met a few people, one of which is my locker partner, and another girl who I have lunch, PE, and Spanish with. She’s really nice, and we share some of the same interests. 🙂 I know a few people from soccer who are in my classes, and my teachers are great. I can;t wait for the rest of the year, which is a surprise because of this post…haha. Anyways, I’m going to be really busy but, I actually think school is gonna be okay. ♥ 😀

(Shut up, Rutvi)

OKAY. Get guessing.



~Rutvi ❤

Tips You Need To Know Before You go Back to School

Hi! This is Day Three (the last day! 😦 ) of my collab with Bella. colabwithbella

Organizing yourself is hard, and here’s a way to do it like a boss.

  1. Have color-coordinated folders and notebooks. You’ve probably read this everywhere, but it’s a common tip to stay organized. For example, you can do red for reading, orange for history, yellow for science, green for math, blue for writing, purple for anything else.
  2. Have your friend’s phone numbers. This is important in case you just want to talk, want to hang out, or if you need to ask, “What’s the bio homework?”
  3. Keep an emergency bag of things you’ll need at school. See Bella’s here.
  4. If you have lockers/locker partners, please, get to know them. I’ve never had a locker partner before, but I’m going to try and become friends with her this year-it’ll make sharing a locker a lot less awkward.
  5. If you join any clubs, keep some snacks in your backpack because trust me, you will get hungry. Or even if you don’t, this is a good idea in case you skipped breakfast or something.
  6. You might have a list of everything your teacher wants you to have for the school year. Well, I’m telling you now-you will probably end up overspending on stuff you won’t use. If the list says nine notebooks but you only have eight periods, then get eight notebooks.
  7.  If you need to remember to take something to school but you have the memory of Dory, (welcome to my world) set it as your phone’s background so when you turn it on, you’ll remember what you need to bring.

Thanks for reading, Bella and I had tons of fun collaborating and we hope you enjoyed this series! Have an amazing school year. ❤


Rutvi & Bella

BIBPC Category 2

Hi!! I’m here with my entry for Megan’s (A Barefoot Gal) BIBPC! The category is fuzzy. 🐶image.jpeg

Story: This is my friend’s dog, Coco.😍 My friend and I were riding our bikes, and we saw her neighbor (who is also my friend XD) walking her dog. We stopped to pet her, and I snapped a few photos of her. She is so adorable!!!

Picking The Perfect Outfit For The First Day of School

First day means you have to make a good impression. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Pick something comfortable. I can’t stress this enough, guys, it’s important. You don’t want to be sitting around at school with that cute shirt that is squeezing your stomach uncomfortably. If that means you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, then do that. Honestly, you won’t be the only one.
  2. Pick something that’s you. Just because something’s trendy doesn’t mean it will flatter you or you will like it. Wear your style!
  3. Dress up at least a little. Don’t go crazy and wear something someone would wear to prom, but look nice, look a little different.
  4. Don’t spend a ton of money on new clothes. If you love that shirt you bought last winter and want to wear it, no one’s stopping you, right?
  5. PICK FUN ACCESSORIES. It’ll make the day fun, trust me.

I hope these tips helped! Thanks for reading!

See Bella’s blog here: beautifulbybella.wordpress.comcolabwithbella

DIY School Supplies

Hello! This is my first post for the Back-to-school collab that I’m doing with the wonderful Bella. 😀 colabwithbella.jpg

Today, I’ll be showing you how to make your supplies more personalized, because, let’s be real:

1: You can never have too much cute stuff,

2: Cute supplies will make you happy to do schoolwork. Boring notebook+Boring class=Boringness all around! You can’t do anything about your class, but you can do something about your notebook. Read on! 🙂

Idea #1: Ombre dots


I think ombre is a really cute idea, it’s something cute but simple.

How to do it: I had a bunch of paint samples from Hobby Lobby. (You can also use cardstock, if you’d prefer) Then I used a hole puncher and used the tiny circles that came out of it. Pick one color and then punch out different shades of it. Start gluing (I used mod-podge) down your darkest shade, and then work your way up to the lightest shade. I think it would look even cuter with shaped hole punches!

Idea #2: Printed DesignDSC07452

Trendy and easy: let’s do it. XD

How to do it: There are really no rules on how to do it. Just draw little designs with a Sharpie.

Idea #3: Simply Strawberry


How to do it: Cut an oval out of red paper/cardstock. Then cut the bottom into a sharper shape. Cut a line of small triangles for the leaves. Then put them together and glue them on. Use yellow paint for the strawberry seeds. Write your name underneath if you want it to look even more personalized! 😉DSC07454.JPG

Binder Dividers

These binder dividers will help you stay organized, and you’ll have a place to put those notes you usually shove into your backpack. 😉 😛


How to make them: Grab some manila file folders. Glue a piece of colored paper on top, and then write the name of your subject in large letters. You can also put stickers on it, but make sure not o make it too thick or it won’t fit in your binder. Use a hole punch to fit it in your binder, and stick your notes in!

If you don’t want to put it in your binder, you can just use them as folders for holding notes, or for any extra storage.DSC07450

Here’s everything I used to make them. Oh, and I didn’t make any for band or math, because, well, I won’t have any notes for either. Well, I’ll have lots of notes for band, but those are music notes. XD (sorry, I love bad puns)

Which notebook was your favorite?

You can see Bella’s parts of this collab by clicking this link.

Next BTS series post coming at 1:30 today.

Have a wonderful day, and here’s to the new school year!

~Rutvi and Bella ❤