2016-A Year in Review <3

Some people would say 2016 has been an awful year.

I disagree!

I mean, yes, we’ve lost Carrie Fisher and her mother…

and many other amazing people. (RIP)


 I have learned so much this year.

And no, this isn’t a post about what I was like right at this very second a year ago,

but a post about how you have changed me.

That’s right, you.

You, the person reading this, have impacted my life greatly.

And that’s because you’re reading this.

Allow me to explain:

When I first started my blog, I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it. Every other blog I read was super successful, had loads of followers, got tons of comments on their posts, et cetera. I wasn’t at all sure that mine would turn out anything like that.

But you started reading my blog, you gave me feedback, you allowed me to keep going.
So thank you for inspiring me, encouraging me, and being my loyal unicorns. 😉

Blogging has changed the way I write, and the way I think about things.

My writing style was never as dramatic before I met Loren, Misty, Jaclynn, and Clara.

I think about things a lot deeper than most people do, even if sometimes I don’t show it. In 2015, I never did this, though.

And I have readers who support me. I want to call out a few of them:

Sam (from redheadwithabook.wordpress.com, who is sort of my blogging best friend/secret twin/girl who my boyfriend is cheating on me with…Don’t worry, it’s not a person. 😛 ) YES, HOT CHOCOLATE IS MY BOYFRIEND. 

Marshmallow (one of my best friends IRL and a really sweet girl who supports my blog)

Jaclynn (from littlemissfluffet.com, because BB-8=LIFE!) JK, but thanks Jaclynn 😉

Loren (from blueeyesgrayeyes.wordpress.com, for being hilarious and kind)

Grace (from theupstairsgirl.wordpress.com, for being so sweet to me and everyone in the blogging world)

This year, I discovered my love and talent of photography, which never would’ve happened if it wasn’t for this blog. So, one last time, I’d like to thank you!

Now the fun stuff:

What I Got For Christmas!

I was in Florida, away from home, but I did make a wishlist. I got the things on it late, but love them anyway.

**I am in no way trying to brag about what I got, btw. This post was requested 🙂

I’m very grateful for everything I got- thanks, Mom and Dad! I love you 🙂 ❤

As you might know from my last post, I got an authentic version of Hermione Granger’s wand.

Close up of the pretty details^^
Here are the things I asked for.

This adorable monkey which holds my phone,
New mascara (mine’s gotten kind of clumpy)

And these AMAZING colored pencils. They are really high quality, and I can tell that my art will improve SO MUCH by using these. I’m really excited to open them up!
And I also got this patch to iron on to my sweater- yay!

2016 was a great year.

Let’s make 2017 even better.
*drops mic* *runs away* *trips* *blows plastic horn-thing* *throws confetti* *stuffs face with cookies* *throws llamas at people* 
Ok, that got really weird.
Happy New Year, guys, and here’s to 2017, another amazing 365 days!


Universal Studios Orlando-My Trip

Hi! Happy Holidays, everyone! I just got back from Orlando, Florida! I went there with my family for a few days, and GUYS. IT WAS AWESOME.
We went to Harry Potter World, and I took a LOT of pictures. It was our first time visiting Diagon Alley, which was just recently built. Enjoy the photos!

*Please note that I took all of these on my phone so some of the photos will be bad quality. 

The goblins working in Gringotts bank. They were there as we waited in line for the Gringotts ride. They look so real and the bulding is SO well-made.I snapped this pic just as he was turning his head towards me, so it looks like he’s staring into your soul looking at the camera.img_6627img_6640img_6641Trees are cool, I guess…img_6648Squirrel. I also saw a dead squirrel on this trip, which was sad.Nauseated Face on Apple iOS 10.2Sneezing Face on Apple iOS 10.2img_6656Dewdrops…img_6660BUTTERBEER!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BUTTERBEER. It tastes amazing. (psssst…check out this post if you want to make your own!)img_6661

And uhhh…YEAH, THAT’S MY WAND. I’m so excited that I got an authentic HP wand! The one I got is Hermione’s. She’s my favorite character and the carvings on her wand are so pretty!img_6672Hogwarts castle.img_6673img_6677

Different angle…fullsizerender-4

Oversaturated photo of flowers…fullsizerender-5


Random thing…img_2025



(my family has like 100000 pics of this dragon on our phones combined lol)


Kreacher at 12 Grimmauld Place.fullsizerender-6

Something artsy.fullsizerender-7img_4276Hogwarts express.img_6619img_4617Heavenly milkshake.img_4632I wonder if this Sneetch was in pain with this bird standing on him?


Aaaaand, to end this post, a horrible picture of a duck swallowing a giant fish. Pleasant, am I right?

I went on a lot of new rollercoasters, which, not to play my own clarinet (aka toot my own horn- but I don’t have a horn), I’m pretty proud of. All of the rides were really, really fun and worth the wait!

Thanks for reading!  Did you have a favorite picture? Have you ever been to Universal Studios? Did you have a favorite ride? Let me know! also, did you know that i ask a lot of questions?!?

~Rutvi ❤


sore fingers

raspy throat


wrong notes


practice makes perfect.

a language that can be spoken by everyone

a display of intellect,


and crooked.

I’m practicing for my band audition right now, and I realized as I moaned over having sore fingers from playing so much, how much effort and love goes into music.

I’m nervous for tomorrow, no doubt. But I know what I’m doing this time-I’m more confident. But I had to share this poem I wrote, which, well, sums up music!


For your pleasure, (or displeasure) here’s a semi-artsy pic of my clarinet and a horrible pic from my phone (from a VERY weird angle) of me practicing.

I have a tip for you guys- if you play an instrument and are working on a piece, record yourself playing it at the beginning of the day, work on it super hard, then record it at the end. It will sound so much better and will totally motivate you!❤️❤️🎶 🎶


Good Night!😴


Christmas Cookies

8 more days till Christmas!!!!!!!

Sigh….it feels like ∞ more days.

But a way to pass the time is making cookies! My family and I made these last night and frosted them this morning.


These two are my favorites out of the ones I made. dsc09833dsc09834dsc09835


We made shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, and white-chocolate covered Oreos.

What have you guys been up to lately? Let me know! ❤


/the emoji tag/


In celebration of Apple’s new emojis, here is a tag for everyone who loves emojis as much as I do!


What to do: Pick out up to 20 emojis that describe you and tell WHY. Then tag 5 people to do the same! JPEG image-9BEDC8129504-1.jpeg

  1. Gymnast ’cause I ❤ gymnastics
  2. Art because I adore art and being creative
  3. Because writing is a both a getaway and a way to help you stay
  4. Music is life. Whether it’s playing my clarinet, listening to music, or singing (even through text), I ❤ music!
  5. Because flowers are pretty like me and I find the presence of flowers in spring comforting
  7. I’m also secretly a cat. *throws up hairball* *realizes that was really gross* 
  8. Because ya have to have rain before ya get a rainbow. Also, rainbows are gorgeous.
  9. TACOSSSSSS! They are just mucho delicioso. Ahhh…perfecto.👌
  10. I have pancakes after every sleepover. I salivate at the sight of them. Pancakes are SO GOOD.
  11. I tell corny jokes.
  12. I take shelfays (selfies) sometimes (but I mostly just liked this emoji)
  14. I work on my computer all the time. (Actually if you took a photo of me from the front RIGHT NOW, I’d look exactly like that emoji…)
  15. I facepalm when people do stupid things. (AKA, when people in Spanish class say, “What does la calculadora mean again??” IT’S LITERALLY IN THE NAME. IT. IS. A. CALCULATOR.
  16. I shrug when I don’t know stuff. Also, I love purple.
  17. I’m the baby of my family and like being treated like a princess.

So how’d you like that?


Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner

Jaclynn @ Little Miss Fluffet

Samantha @ Redhead With a Book

Bella @ Beautiful By Bella

Some of the other new emojis Apple came out with include a salad, croissant and avocado. They’re so cute!FullSizeRender 3.jpg

What’s your favorite emoji? 




Avocado on Apple iOS 10.2

Tis The Season to be Jolly…

Hot Chocolate, oh how I love you so.

Your rich sweet goodness, running down my throat.

Your beautiful, tempting brown color and warmth.

Your sugary joy spreading to me.

O chocolate, your creator is a far wiser man than me!

Guys, I’ve fallen in love. ❤ I’m just so smitten, my lover’s sweeter than a kitten! (hehe, that rhymed)
 But yes. I’m filled with joy at the sight of them, and they just…make me realize the meaning of life.
I thought you might like to meet him, so here’s a picture of him.

Hot chocolate because honestly why not?

HAHAHAHAHA YES I DID JUST TRICK YOU although none of you probably fell for it
I’m in the holiday mood right now! I am SO excited. 17 more days! ❤