there’s somethin’ ’bout the way the street looks when it’s just rained….




there’s a glow on the pavement…..



hello, hello! forgive me for being an AWFUL excuse for a blogger- this is my first post this month. track, soccer, gymnastics has been taking up most of my time, and, of course, my history teacher thinks i have no life, so she gave me 59876543567309487528901 assignments. yay! now the school year is coming to a close, and i will have more time to post over the summer. oh my gosh, i can’t believe i’m graduating and moving on to- gulp-high school. yikes.

the title of this post is a line from taylor swift’s song fearless, in honor of my first (hopefully of many) taytay concert coming up soon!! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDD. sam got to see it before me, and i’m super jealous.
the first few pictures show some of the flowers in our garden in sunlight, and the rest are how they look after it’s rained. though flowers are always pretty (even when they’re dead), i love the look of rain on flowers, and the scent in the air after rain falls. i think rain makes everything a little more beautiful. also, i love redbud trees??? they’re SO gorgeous. ♥

life updates:

-i beat my personal record in the 100m dash in track! originally my time was around 15.29 seconds, and then it was 14.69, and then in a relay i ran it in 13.94 seconds!!

-speaking of track, i got to go to an invite-only meet on thursday, but the FrEaKiNg seventh grade soccer team took the bus without us, so we ended up missing four races. bleh. thanks a lot, sevvies.

-i’ve been binge watching the great british baking show a LOT recently, i just finished the second season. no joke, i watched for 5 hours straight yesterday. i think i have too much free time. which i could have spent blogging but….

-my birthday’s next sunday! yay, aging.

-i was chosen as a finalist to give a speech at graduation! i’ll find out if i got it tomorrow….i’ll update y’all.


-i have some new art, i’ll get it posted at some point in my life.

– i need stranger things season three RIGHT NOW. seriously, how can we wait until 2019??

-CLUB PENGUIN IS BACK, MY DOODS. it’s really funny because it’s unblocked on our school chromebooks, so everyone made an account and plays it in class. plus, most of the people on there are my age, which is great and goes to show how immature we all are. XD my favorite part of it is going to crowded places and screaming “WHO LIKES PANIC! AT THE DISCO?!” and friending whoever says “ME” and tells me their favorite song. (btw if you wanna make an account, go to clubpenguinonline!!! my username is sptsptspgoot)

-i kind of want to learn how to play ukelele. it sounds really cool. (loren, want to teach me?)

-i literally am the dumbest person ever. i accidentally put salt in my mom’s coffee, asked a girl IN MY MATH CLASS what period she had math, AND fell up AND down the stairs all in one day. no exaggeration.

also, happy mother’s day! make sure to thank your lovely mothers for bringing you into the world. 🙂


rutvi ❤

france/italy trip

bonjour, everyone! i’ve been away on spring break for the last week, and now i’m back and ready to share some pictures. 🙂 my family & i, along with some family friends, went to france & then italy for a day, and let me tell you, it was aMaZiNg. i have a ton of pictures, so buckle your seatbelt & prepare to be transported to the land of baguettes!

day one: this was thee day we landed. as soon as we got to the hotel, i changed out of my sweats from the flight into an actual outfit (complete with ripped tights because i’m clumsy & have no idea how they ripped!) then we went in search of food. being vegetarian in a country like france really narrows down the choices for food, so we ended up having italian food basically every day, which wasn’t a problem for me, because i looooove pasta.

food review: eh. tasteless. but good when salt, pepper, & cheese are added.

we then went down to the beach (my shoes got soaked) and took some photos there.

idk whose dog this is, but it’s frickin adorable. i took a lot of photos of random dogs….

ft. my brother^^ we don’t actually like each other thaaat much, we’re just posing. XD

probably the best part of the day: gelato! i got stracciatella (i spelled this without looking at google, convinced myself it was wrong because wordpress underlined it, googled it, and found it it was right all along.)



this is called promenade. this photo was taken by my dad, but still so. prettyyyyyyyy.

day 2: woke up and had part of a fresh baguette for breakfast. it was so good!! to be honest the bread is probably what i miss most about france. today we went on a day trip to monaco & stopped in a couple other cities.

pretty tower near our hotel^^

we went to a perfume factory! it was super cool, and these lil’ duckies are adorable.

i loved seeing these open markets, it’s so different from a grocery store.

presenting the best photo taken on this trip: my brother as rose from titanic.

these artsy doors were everywhere!!

day 3: we went on a 4-hour e-bike tour of nice! my favorite thing i did was riding downhill on the fastest bike setting. almost crashed a few times, but hey, it was worth it. with 16 people (we had a BIG group) all biking together, you can expect a couple accidents…

i don’t have any photos of me biking, because, hello, dangerous! but here are some pictures from a really scenic place we stopped at:

after the tour, we had a picnic lunch of pasta & really good bread. the pasta even had little bike-shaped noodles, which was an adorable touch.

we also went to a candy factory! it was a really cool experience, and i got some pretty sweet (i’m sorry) stuff like rose jam & chocolate bars with flower bits in them. we also celebrated a friend’s birthday with a really tasty tropeziénne cake. let it be known that in our friend group, no one’s birthday is complete without everyone putting gobs of frosting on their face. 😛

we visited a beautiful cathedral in the evening, and these bunnies were outside:

day 4: we spent some time in the morning taking pictures in a park.

we shopped for a bit, then ate lunch and some pastries. i had a madeleine, which was unexpectedly lemony, but so soft and yummy. after that, we visited the promenade (see day one) to take pictures in the water, which i refused to do. a lot of people were crouching down to take photos, and while the fountains looked pretty cool from that angle, i couldn’t figure out why so many photographers were doing that. then i realized you could see the reflection of some buildings & trees in the water, which looks breathtakingly beautiful!

while we were there, a really nice woman let us per her dog, a little yorkie. it got my whiite shirt all dirty from its paws, but it was so sweeeet and tinyyyy and cuddlyyyy asdfghjkl!!

we found a guy who was doing some amazing art with spray paint, so we watched him work. you’d think paintings like his would take a long time, but he was actually incredibly fast! i bought the painting i saw him make. that’ll be for another post, though. after that, we relaxed by the beach & got gelato. we went back to the city we went to on day 2 in the evening to take some photos.

day 5: we had planned to go to venice for a day, but kept going back and forth as to whether we should or not, since it would be raining. we decided to go anyway, and it was one of the highlights of the whole trip! we took a speedboat & had some amazing pasta for lunch. sadly, we didn’t go on any gondola rides because of the rain. our hotel room was the cutest, it’s kind of a shame we only stayed one day.


i wore french braids in italy. only me. :’)

i kept teasing my friend and calling her georgie because she was wearing a yellow raincoat, like the kid from IT. the fact that it was raining made it even funnier. XD we saw the bridge of sighs & and the realto bridge, both of which were amazing spots to take pictures! my brother & i also recreated this picture from the last time we went to venice: (ughhhh., both blogger & wordpress are being salty. i’ll upload the pic later, i promise)

we stayed out super late that night, but gahhh it was worth it. oh, and my friend and i got matching olive green sweatshirts that said ‘university of venice’ on them as our souvenir. it’s a long story, but it’s kinda our “tradition” to get university sweatshirts on vaca.

day 6: time to leave venice! 😦

if we look like we’re in extreme pain, that’s because we were. the sun was going directly in our eyes.

here’s some shots from the speedboat! the one just above this is my favorite. i stood outside for half of the ride, taking pictures, but soon i got cold and went back in. 😛

we took a plane back to france, and we had REALLY GOOD thai food for lunch. i got pad thai for the first time, and i loved it so much i forgot to take a photo of it. (question of the day: how do you pronounce thai? like ‘tie’, or like “THai”?) 

i saw this adorable chair & table set outside a jewelry shop, and instantly knew i had to take a photo there. so i went with my ice cream, and here is the result: 

(lavender flavored gelato, btw)

the shop owner was staring at me and saying something in french that i couldn’t understand. :/ i also dropped my ice cream when i was walking back to where my parents were sitting! miraculously, i caught it and didn’t have to get a new one.

we went souvenir shopping for the boys in the group. they wanted some really specific hat, and they were being really annoying and picky about the ones that were in shops. we also went to the flower market, where i proceeded to take pictures of every bouquet i saw:

^^ this one was just lovely. ❤

that night, all the kids played a card game called mao. it’s the most frustrating & hilarious game ever.

day 7: our last day! noooooooo!

we checked out an art museum in the morning. on the way there, we saw tons of orange trees and this sculpture. so what did i do? i made a meme out of it, of course!

the museum was really interesting and unique, and had some great pieces. we then visited an extremely beautiful monastery. my dad took these photos of me there, and i love how they turned out:

we went to the beach for the last time! another nice dog owner let us pet his doggo. we ended up playing with it for half an hour. he was such a good boy 🙂

interesting happenings/observations:

  • we buried my friend with rocks
  • two of the kids in our group got lost! but don’t worry, we found them.
  • i got locked in a bathroom in italy. a woman had to pick the lock with a knife. it was TERRIFYING.
  • the same kid who got lost misplaced/lost his backpack about 500000 times.
  • i realized how polite and kind everyone is in france!
  • we found a mexican street food stand and i ordered my food in spanish.
  • too many smokers. :/
  • a guy in our group of family friends who is kinda rude to me for no reason purposely knocked into me with his giant backpack. i yelled at him, and this guy who worked at a market who saw the whole thing said, “don’t worry about him, he’s a stupid man.” XD
  •  random people ran into our group pictures. it was pretty funny.
  • SO MANY CUTE DOGGOSSSSS! i’d never seen a poodle before until this trip, and i saw one (in a purse!!) as soon as we landed at the airport.
  • we crashed 3 wedding picture parties. ’twas great.
  • the boys in our group of friends got bored and decided to play a game of ninja in a square (place massena) where lots of people were around. a guy who did tours stopped and watched them play, he was so into it that he went “oof!” every time someone got out and “yes!” when they dodged a hit. XD it was really funny, he seemed disappointed when the game ended.
  • on the last day, a HUGE wave came and started to wash everyone’s stuff away. no one was expecting a wave that big, and some of us had to rush in the water to grab our bags and shoes. everyone & everyone’s stuff (except mine!) was soaked to the core. (my bro had to dry his shoes with a hairdryer.) i was basically the only one that didn’t get wet!


i had such a fun time in france! i miss it, but i’m also happy to be back.  a huge thank you to my dad for planning this amazing trip! 🙂

au revoir,


michigan photography dump


my family drove up to michigan for the long weekend, and i took a lot of pictures while we were there. however, i did manage to narrow it down to only the really good ones. here they are! 🙂

le old treehouse

(and basically my aunt & uncle’s whole backyard)

can i just say that i was ~s u p e r  f r e a k e d~ to go up this ladder because it’s like 20 years old and the entire floor of the treehouse had been ripped out?

my cardigan kept getting stuck to thorns and branches, so that was fun.
i’m pretty sure this is where i almost fell.
here’s some drab brown trees, but look, BOKEH!
i love treehouses so much.
awwww lookit the squirrel<3
i love this one because you can see the scratches on the wood and the layer of moss that’s starting to grow on it.
99% sure this is a rope that was once used to climb up to the treehouse or get down from there.

that’s what it looks like from under. not really sure how that happened, but yeaaah, i wasn’t about to step in there.

le bagel shop

i had a sundried-tomato bagel. ’twas good.

le graffiti

this was really cool because it was just a little alleyway with a ton of graffiti, and since it makes for interesting pictures, there were a lot of photographers there. i was kind hoping for some more art-like stuff instead of tons of words, but i thought these were cool anyway, so i’m posting them.

yes, that’s gum. yes, it is disgusting. and a little amazing.

one of the photographers started dying of laughter when she saw this. XD
this one was by far my favorite picture i took in that alley, the dripping paint & the word rebel just looks really cool.
i know, i’m wearing a t-shirt and gloves, i’m so hipster. i guess it adds to the gray tones in the picture though. (this isn’t graffiti but it’s art. plus, i don’t have another category ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

i actually love this??

le random

this was really pretty. too bad it didn’t taste as good as it looked…. 

le mist

i was trying to take a picture of the trees outside, but the camera focused on the rain on the windows instead, which actually turned out pretty cool.

ooh, fog.
considering i took these in a moving car, i really like them.

i hope you liked these! favorites?? oh, and congratulations on getting through all that. 😛

rutvi ♥

burgundy winter+a playlist

hey everyone! i’m sorry it’s been so long. i’ve gotten halfway through a bunch of posts and then been too lazy to finish them up. i’ve been getting into a lot of new music lately and making a lot of art based off it, so you can expect an art post soon.

i went outside to take pictures, even though it’s really drab, with the hope that i could make some trees or other random things look pretty with my camera.


even though this swing set is old and creaky and will probably collapse if more than one person uses the swings/monkey bars at the same time, i love it and i never want to get rid of it. even when i’m in my senior year, i still want to go and sit on my swing or in my treehouse.

i tied this piece of lace onto my swing when i was younger so we could tell the difference between my swing and my brother’s swing. it used to be red, and even though it’s lost all its color now, it makes me happy to see it.


(bolded are explicit)

isle of flightless birds//twenty one pilots

floral and fading//pierce the veil

drown// bring me the horizon

HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T//fall out boy

wilson (expensive mistakes) //fall out boy

little lion man//tonight alive

somebody that i used to know//mayday parade (cover)

writer in the dark//lorde

perfect places//lorde

i miss you//blink-182

my my my//troye sivan

the anchor//bastille

the good side//troye sivan

trapdoor//twenty one pilots

car radio//twenty one pilots


of the night//bastille

warmth (capital studios version)//bastille

even though this day won’t go the way i imagined it would, i’m not cursing you or wishing you unhappiness. i want you to be happy, and i’m sorry i couldn’t do that for you. happy birthday.

//have a cup of cheer//

merry christmas eve! it’s going to be snowing all day today, and it looks so beautiful, but it’s so cold like my heart.

i couldn’t, because i had leggings on and i was too lazy to put on snowpants.
actually, i don’t even know if i own snowpants. :/
falling snow is one of the prettiest things ever. ❤
fun fact: i hate stepping in fresh snow, i always try to step in other people’s footprints. do any of you do that?
happy holidays to everyone! i hope all of you eat a lot of food and get everything you asked for. ❤
we’re leaving for vacation early tomorrow morning, so we opened our gifts today-you can expect a haul soon. 🙂
what are your plans for christmas? are you going anywhere for vaca?

maple mornings

woke up to flames scattered around the backyard. 




ankles deep in crinkled beauty


ombre of
reds and golds


morning light makes the simplest of things look beautiful.
it’s much too early 
but it’s worth it
out here,
time has stopped.
 i have to go soon

i go with leaves in my hair and my cheeks reddened from the cold

and memories of this maple morning.

updates+autumn photography



-i recently watched the book of life for the first time, and it’s. so. good. i love it- it’s probably one of my favorite animated movies of all time.

-guys!! i’m soooo close to 200 followers! thank you guys so much! i know a lot of people have more followers than me, but really, 200 people in the world that love my content and come here to read it- it means a ton!  i’m currently at 196 and i’m really hoping to get to 200 before halloween so i can show you guys my costume…. can we do it??

rip to my youth by the neighborhood is a great song (i feel like all i ever post about is music and photography haha)

-i know most of my blogger friends are doing nanowrimo this year, and although i’m not participating, i wish you all the best of luck!  i know you guys will do great. eats lots of chocolate. writing a novel is not an easy task, but it will be worth it! lots of love to you writers!

i’ve taken wayy too many pictures of this tree, but oml the orange color is so prettyyy.

i’m always trying to get photos from different angles, because looking at photographs of things straight on can be a bit boring. for this one, i went under the tree, positioned the camera right next to the branch, and tilted it upwards.


rain is so pretty asdjfkl.
it’s like a rainbow!
me trying to be artsy…

ooh, i like the little blurred-light-circle thing.

these poisonberries are such a bright, beautiful red!  i kinda want to eat them…but i shouldn’t….

favorites? let me know!


nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold.


(title from: nothing gold can stay//poem by robert frost)


my family and i went to downtown yesterday. it was nice to spend time with all of them and to go around taking pictures. i like to think that some of these are artsy. XD

(i used allison’s photo prompt for this one- arrange leaves in rainbow order. cute idea, allison. 🙂 )


(see the rainbow??) 😀

on my mom’s office rooftop.
people kept staring- my dad was just squatting down taking pictures of me doing cartwheels. ’twas funny.
oooooh, the camera did the sunlight-circle-thing!
i like how this one turned out. i kind of just snapped it randomly, but if you look closely, you can see a plane flying overhead, and the cool shape of the cloud.

these stairs just look cool.
and of course, i had to get starbucks. i got the artsiest and the most basic thing on the menu- the pink drink. 😛 but it’s healthier than my usual choices, and it was really good. yum.

destiny is overrated.

last week, i went outside in the dead of night to take pictures. my neighbor’s dog kept barking at me- i think i scared him. XD my neighbor actually came outside and was like, “are you taking pictures??”

“ummm. yes.”

OOH, rain.

destiny is overrated, so i think i’ll write my own

(reflections//forever the sickest kids)

science class has messed me uppp. i almost wrote “density is overrated”. I AM SO TIRED.