quarantine made me do it

whoa,  okay so it’s been a long time since i’ve posted on here. (like 2 years) i’m kinda sad that i don’t blog or even really write much anymore, but since i’m bored out of my mind i figured why not post on here? (i know i’m like super irrelevant and most of you don’t even remember me & i have no clue what’s going on in the blog community, but bear with me).

since all of you are sO invested in my life, here’s what i’ve been doing this quarantine.

  • having existential crises. (crisises? crisi? criseiescies?)
  • ordered some new clothes which i realize isn’t really that smart in the midst of a global pandemic, but oh well.
  • having zoom calls with every person on the planet
  • spending an unhealthy amount of time on tiktok (and i still can’t dance)
  • baking
  • working out (to make myself feel less bad about eating everything I bake)

also, i went through some of my recent posts and i just CAN’T believe i wrote those AND that anyone read any of it. i’m not sure i can bring myself to go back to my 2016 posts. yikes.

I started a new blog over here if you’d like to follow. (who am I kidding? no one’s reading this.)

i hope all you guys have been staying safe and healthy. ❤ lmk what you’ve been up to!


730 starry nights ago….

730 starry nights ago, i sat on my couch, jetlagged from spring break, eager to share some of my photos from vacation with the world. my personal site, originally called so sugar sweet (why? don’t ask. i don’t really have an answer.) was born that day, and has grown to become the blog you all know as capturing and creating.  i’m happy to announce that on march 27th, 2018, i hit TWO YEARS OF BLOGGING!

this is so beyond amazing and i can’t believe it’s already been that long! blogging has changed so much for me, and here are just a few:

  1. photography! i never thought this would be something i’m into, but thanks to starting this blog i’ve realized how much i love taking pictures and i’ve gotten better at it.
  2.  internet friends: this is probably the best part of being a blogger: the community. i was fortunate to be sorta adopted into a circle of wonderful friendly bloggers as soon as i started my blog, and even more lucky to have met one of them in real life! i love the sites that tie us all together, even though we all live thousands of miles apart.
  3. music: i’ve found so many new artists, bands, etc. to listen to thanks to all these blogs! (i’m looking at you, loren and mckenzie.)
  4. thinking more in depth about books. doing book reviews forces me to think deeper about what i read instead of just saying “it was good” or “it was bad.”
  5. i’m more tech-savvy! before i had my site, if you asked me to upload pictures somewhere, i would have turned purple and panicked. (not at the disco, though.)

now while all these are great, i know you guys probably want some stats. sooooooo:


views: 12535 (throughout the last 2 years)

comments: 2418 (throughout the last 2 years)

posts: 188 (!!!!)

the top commenters are christina creativity, samantha, loren, and mya!

(it’s 11:11, gotta make a wish!)

i’ve been thinking that i kind of want to change up the design of my blog a little bit, because while i love the pink, i think i want something a little more professional-looking? if that makes sense? i’m trying to make my blog less of a “post whenever, post whatever” kind of blog. those aren’t a bad thing, but i like the idea of having a site that has a theme reflects my personality now. i also want to clear up my site a bit- this does mean i’ll be deleting some posts, (don’t worry, just the truly embarrassing ones like my failed challenges and other things like that.)

also, i don’t know how to celebrate my blogiversary, since i can’t do giveaways, so if you guys have any ideas i’d love if you shared them with me. 🙂

thank you to my followers and readers, to my parents for letting me go on this journey of blogging, and to my the best internet friends i could ask for. i love you all. 🙂


rutvi ❤

||back to school tag||

hello, hello! awhile back, loren tagged me for the back to school tag, and i finally decided to stop being lazy and do it. thanks for tagging me!



thank the person who tagged you

answer the questions

post new questions (or use the same ones)

tag as many people as you want.

wear something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue. (i actually sort of followed this. i’m wearing my brother’s old school shirt, which has blue on it, so there’s the old, borrowed, and blue- and then for the new… *goes upstairs to put on new earrings* *realizes upstairs is too far*

don’t die. (and i’m sorry, but this made me crack up- i just had to add loren’s line in here: death is terrible for the complexion, dearie.)

now, the questions!

1) when’s your first day of school?

it was a while ago…august 16.

2) what do (and don’t) you look forward to about entering the realm of the dead? uh, i mean the learned?

haha. i guess i’m interested in seeing how what i’m learning now pays off towards a future career. aka proving my teachers wrong because, no i will not need to know what jimmy’s profit is if he sells forty apples for 70 cents each.

3) homeschooled, public schooled, or private schooled?

public schoollll.

4) what grade are you going into? (if you’re okay sharing)

i’m currently in 8th grade.

5) how many more years of torture do you have to endure learn?

*counts on fingers* 8, counting college. sigh.

6) what are your goals for this school year?

move up to team(the next level) in gymnastics. i’m the oldest one in my current gymnastics class and it feels so weird.

7) what’s your favorite season to school in? fall, winter, or spring?

honestly, they’re all terrible. but probably winter because NO GYM CLASS.

8) how is schooling going to effect your blogging?

as you can probably tell, i post a lot less during the school year because i have tons of homework, but i still do things on the weekends.

9) what’s your favorite school subject?

reading/writing. my teachers are always so nice and i read so many good books. or band, because MUSIC.

10) your least favorite?

ew, gym.

i usually don’t mind it, but this year is going to suck because the only sport i’m good at- soccer-is the ONLY ONE THAT WE’RE NOT DOING IN GYM CLASS THIS YEAR. i’m just going to be that girl who’s like, umm, gross, sports.

i caught the ball once (yes, only once) during a flag football game and i was so amazed that i just stood there, and then my teammates yelled, “RUN!” but i didn’t know where to go. sighhhh. future NFL star  right here, kids.

(after that game my friend told me it was painful to watch me play. XD)

11) what subject are you best at?

math or spanish. (but that’s only because spanish is easy.) people think i spend 5 hours studying spanish vocab lists, but in reality i don’t think i’ve ever touched those outside of when i’m required to at school.

12) what subject are you worst at?

i think my paragraph about gym sums that up…

13) what extra-curricular activities are you planning this year (if any)?

gymnastics, soccer, and track in the spring. i can’t WAIT.

14) how are you preparing for life/college this year (on a conscious level)?

i’m finding the volume of weird shapes, because that’s going to help me become an author.

jk, i’m not doing anything really.

15) do you play any sports in school?

yup, track.

16) is there any way that schooling is going to help your blogging endeavors? or how has it helped your blogging skillz in the past?

being good at reading and writing in school has always helped me be a good writer.

17) how much time a day is school going to take for you?

*counts on fingers again* about 7 hours.

18) are you looking forward to seeing friends more often during the school year?

yeah, i love my weirdos. ❤

19) are you dreading or looking forward to the event (or did you, if it’s already happened)?

i was just kind of “eh” about school this year. i definitely was not looking forward to the amount of homework.

20) what are you most looking forward to about school?


21) how are you planning to fit actual life in with your school schedule?

take a break from schoolwork sometimes, get things done on weekends.

22) what are your overall thoughts on school?

school’s fine. i can tolerate it. but i don’t like how everything follows a format and has to be the same way. when i try to be a good writer, i end up not following the “formula” the teacher has mandated and then i get points off. i don’t like writing with a formula because it makes everything seem so unnatural, and i end up spending more time getting the formula right that the actual writing has no meaning.

edit: i just realized that I forgot to tag people. 🤦🏻‍♀️i tag anyone currently wearing a ponytail.


my questions: (some of these are repeats because i’m lazy)

  1. do you also hate how everything has to follow a formula at school? 
  2. what’s your worst subject?
  3. which class do you currently have the highest grade/scores in?
  4. what’s your favorite part about school?
  5. what’s an everyday outfit choice for you for school? or do you have a uniform?
  6. how does school help you with blogging?
  7. have you ever been in the principal’s office/gotten in trouble at school?
  8. what’s something new that you want to do this year? 
  9. when is your last day of school?
  10. quick, you’re going to be late for first period! what time does your bell to start school ring? 
  11.  if you’re homeschooled, do you like it? and if you’re in public/private school, do you wish you were homeschooled?
  12. write an incredibly detailed essay about cows. GO!
  13. any extra-curricular activities?
  14. what about sports?
  15. you got a day off from school- yay! what do you do?
  16. what grade are you in/going in to?
  17. do you have a favorite teacher? if so, why?
  18. do you like to listen to music while you work or does it distract you?
  19. do you take the bus?
  20.  what are your thoughts on standardized testing?

love you all! have a wonderful day.



i know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home. 


The Blogger’s Fantasy Notebook-Challenge 2

Hey guys! It’s time to see the points for round one of TBFN! 😀 I got stories from:

Team EmeraldKellyn Roth





Team GazelleK.A.

POINTS: 17Team Lions




Catching Fire


Team Dragons





Team StarsMiri

Scatterbrained Seamstress




Sooo! The prompts!


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Burnt Rose.jpgIce-cold.jpg


If you DID submit your story (before the deadline) and you don’t see your name up here, PLEASE let me know!


You have until noon on July 12 to submit your entries for round two.

Any questions? Just ask!

(P.S. Guys, Picmonkey is so awesome XD)

I’m reallyyyyy tired…. I spent the last two days on a flight and I’m away from home but excited for vacation.

Have a wonderful day! Cya!Summersign-off

The Blogger’s Fantasy Notebook-Challenge 1

Hello, hello! It is FINALLY time for the first prompt!
Some details on how they work:

-Use as many prompts as you’d like

-Post your story before the deadline given

-In your post, be sure to show which prompts you’ve used

-It’s perfectly ok to not enter a story for one round-it just means less points for your team

-You will be given up to 20 points for each story.

And the teams are….

Team Stars




Scatterbrained Seamstress

Team Dragons






Team EmeraldMadee



Kellyn Roth


Team GazelleNancy Drew



Mercy McEwen

Team LionsKaitlyn


Catching Fire




SO! Behold….the prompts!















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writing prompt


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{via Pinterest}dontcallmethat.jpg

That one? Perfect for the world’s sassiest character. 😛

(Btw, the sentence is not a true story. My mom’s awesome :D)


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Feel free to use your team’s image. You can put it on your sidebar or wherever you want! Use your team’s name for extra points. 🙂

**Your stories must be submitted by 11:59 (central time) on July 5. Get writing! 🙂


Some Writing

I’ve been working on a story. It’s getting pretty long, and it just might be my next book… 😉 but not a children’s book this time. It’s a bit sad, and there’s lots of action. It’ll be more like a novel. Here’s one part.

I felt a pain that was strong enough to cut me down. Knowing Pheobe was dying aroused something inside me, a monster, and I knew I couldn’t lose her, it was something more than losing a friend, I’d already been through that. I was losing a family member.

If you knew the whole story, and you happen to get kind of emotional sometimes, you might cry. 😛 What did you think?

P.S. I’m sitting outside writing this post. 🙂 Here’s a pic.

P.P.S. Has anyone heard the song ‘The Best Day’ by Taylor Swift? I’m listening to it right now. It’s so amazing. 💜image

Thanks for reading!


Writing Tip: Create a Story around Your Photography

Hello, writers, bloggers, and unicorns!:) This is the kind of thing that I don’t normally post on here, but I had a great idea for a story as I was taking pictures of Brooke outside. I also have some tips that will help you when writing or give you some ideas!

Use nature as a writing prompt. If you see a leaf, you can make into something symbolic for a story or make up a dramatic line for a story. An example:

The leaf fluttered away in the gentle summer breeze. The sun shone brightly, the flowers were everywhere. But to me, everything served as a reminder that nothing stays forever. The pink peonies’ ruffled petals reminded me of the lacy pink dresses my sister used to wear. Suddenly, something as happy as a flower could make me want to cry. 


I went to her grave the next day. It was hard to believe that my sister, the one who had lived and breathed and loved once was under the cold, unforgiving, earth. I sank to my knees and wished for my sister to come back. But it turns out that that was once upon a time. Wishing for things was behind me now. Wishing does not exist in a world where my sister does not either. DSC05872.JPG

Here’s another one I came up with after taking this photo:DSC05845.JPG

Dewdrops scattered the ground and the moonlight illuminated the sky. Dewdrops, I thought. The tears of the angels. 

Even if it’s just one sentence, it can make a big difference in your story.DSC05857.JPGI was alone. It was an awful feeling, but I hardly remembered a time where other humans roamed the Earth anyway.


Run. The word was in big, flashing lights in my head. The world was no longer safe for people like me. A watch was of no use, I had been running for hours already. Time never mattered anyway. I kept running until my legs were sore, until I couldn’t breathe, until I reached a place I no longer recognized as Earth. 

See how that works? Each of the short stories I wrote have a common theme, so I could probably mush that into one big story.

I will be posting this on both of my blogs, just an FYI.

What are your thoughts? Did this help you?