reputation world tour recap

JUNE 1, 2018



this queen made her entrance, and i was so not …ready for it. the stadium felt like holy ground. it was the best of times, the worst of crimes, she struck a match and blew my mind…

so it goes…

i was screaming long live all the magic we made, the walls we crashed through, because i had the time of my life fighting dragons with tay….

call it what you want, but i’ll salute to her, ’cause she’s my american queen. she’s so gorgeous, i couldn’t say anything to her face.

she has a big reputation, aaaaaaaaaaaa.

i didn’t wanna wear my jacket even though it was F R E E Z I N G. (but not cold as you.) idk why, i know i did something bad, but it just felt so good.  

she might be queen of my heart, but she’s also just a girl trying to find a place in this world.

she is sensible, and SO incredible, and all you haters are jealous…

i felt like the lucky one when she came on the c stage. she was so close, i was enchanted…
i’m not one for dancing, but for her i did. all i did was shake, shake, shake, shake it off! 

wow, she’s got style. look at that dress! (even though she only bought it so you could take it off)

stay beautiful, and know that you have a perfectly good heart, tay. we like you for you. ❤

it’s so magical, almost delicate, to think that i’ve been here, in her presence. isn’t it? isn’t it? isn’t it?

she made this night feel like wonderland, with all the flashing lights. she blew us one last kiss, and suddenly we were out of the woods. i wish i could call taylor and tell her how i’m only me when i’m with her, but she couldn’t come to the phone.

don’t blame me, tay made me crazy…at the end of the concert, i was crying on the staircase, begging her please don’t go….it was treacherous to say goodbye, but i truly had the best day.  this night was something out of one of my wildest dreams. tay, although i wish you would have invited me to the rep room, this love is something that will never die. (even though the old taylor did) i want to make sure you know, i will remember this all too well. ❤


730 starry nights ago….

730 starry nights ago, i sat on my couch, jetlagged from spring break, eager to share some of my photos from vacation with the world. my personal site, originally called so sugar sweet (why? don’t ask. i don’t really have an answer.) was born that day, and has grown to become the blog you all know as capturing and creating.  i’m happy to announce that on march 27th, 2018, i hit TWO YEARS OF BLOGGING!

this is so beyond amazing and i can’t believe it’s already been that long! blogging has changed so much for me, and here are just a few:

  1. photography! i never thought this would be something i’m into, but thanks to starting this blog i’ve realized how much i love taking pictures and i’ve gotten better at it.
  2.  internet friends: this is probably the best part of being a blogger: the community. i was fortunate to be sorta adopted into a circle of wonderful friendly bloggers as soon as i started my blog, and even more lucky to have met one of them in real life! i love the sites that tie us all together, even though we all live thousands of miles apart.
  3. music: i’ve found so many new artists, bands, etc. to listen to thanks to all these blogs! (i’m looking at you, loren and mckenzie.)
  4. thinking more in depth about books. doing book reviews forces me to think deeper about what i read instead of just saying “it was good” or “it was bad.”
  5. i’m more tech-savvy! before i had my site, if you asked me to upload pictures somewhere, i would have turned purple and panicked. (not at the disco, though.)

now while all these are great, i know you guys probably want some stats. sooooooo:


views: 12535 (throughout the last 2 years)

comments: 2418 (throughout the last 2 years)

posts: 188 (!!!!)

the top commenters are christina creativity, samantha, loren, and mya!

(it’s 11:11, gotta make a wish!)

i’ve been thinking that i kind of want to change up the design of my blog a little bit, because while i love the pink, i think i want something a little more professional-looking? if that makes sense? i’m trying to make my blog less of a “post whenever, post whatever” kind of blog. those aren’t a bad thing, but i like the idea of having a site that has a theme reflects my personality now. i also want to clear up my site a bit- this does mean i’ll be deleting some posts, (don’t worry, just the truly embarrassing ones like my failed challenges and other things like that.)

also, i don’t know how to celebrate my blogiversary, since i can’t do giveaways, so if you guys have any ideas i’d love if you shared them with me. 🙂

thank you to my followers and readers, to my parents for letting me go on this journey of blogging, and to my the best internet friends i could ask for. i love you all. 🙂


rutvi ❤

i let my brother write a post for me…

hi guys! so i had the brilliant idea to let my brother, who was featured in this post awhile back, type an entire post for me…… we’ll see how this goes. Let’s call my bro “S”, by the way, so we don’t always have to refer to him as “my brother”. XD

Ok, fatty S is taking over from here!

Sonnet #6120 (Ode to a Fat Sister)


my sister is fat, fat-fat-f-fat,

her stomach has no end.

she is the worst kind of fat, in fact a brat.

her belly doth extend.

sitting in class her mind doth stray,

dreaming of feasts and swimming in grease.

she speaks of foods and eating all day,

causing me to fret for she may be obese

her hunger is never satisfied,

on the table, she sees her prize,

a pile of candy doth abide.

“alas,” she thought, “i wish it were fries”

into her stomach the food goes

as the fat spreads from head to toes




*rolling of eyes* *death glares*

Ok I hate my brother.

*facepalm* why did i let him do this????

hopefully that was entertaining it wasn’t for me!





cringey old drafts//i couldn’t find the thing that lets me put my memory card in it and then into the computer so i came up with a trashy post idea

everyone should have titles like that. XD well, yeah, i couldn’t come up with a post idea except for photography, but i couldn’t find the memory card adapter/USB/whatever it’s called, and then i started looking through my old drafts (aka posts i was too lazy to finish) and found some more trash, so lucky you, you get to read it.

so here. the titles are in bold and thoughts from me are in italics 🙂

How To Be A Lazy Blogger

I’m a very productive person…I just choose to work slowly.

How many things on here have I started and forgotten about??

Let’s count.

-Guess The Object

-TBFN: The Blogger’s Fantasy Notebook

-I Was You (story)

-The Copycat Photography Contest (I thought it would be fun but I got like 2 entries so…😂 sorry people, that’s over)


i’m so lazy i make lazy posts about me being too lazy and then i actually post them when i’m being lazy again. woohoo. lazy lifeee. 

Untitled (because I was classy)

Bonjour, it is I, Tailor Swift. I have been given zees nickname for I stitch the most stylish clothes, and I make them whenever you want them. I stitch fast and

i can explain, i promise. 

my 11 year old self was so cringey. what was i even thinking?

A Day In The Life of Pusheen The Cat (didn’t I post this?)

You’ve never met me before, but I am…

Batman! Nanananananananana, Batman!!!


Now, I welcome you to go grab a donut, wrap yourself in a blanket, and enjoy this post. You’d better enjoy it. Or no cuddles from this kitty. Be prepared to learn about the very interesting life of ME, the best cat on Earth!

So when I wake up around noon, I have breakfast.DSC06661

I have no idea how you humans wake up before then. Rutvi wakes up at like 6 in the morning and eats. It’s so annoying because whenever she wakes up she messes up the whole bed and wakes me up. Sometimes, I don’t even get my required 15 hours of sleep.

 Of course, it’s around lunchtime for you humans when I wake up, so I eat breakfast AND lunch. You might be wondering, “Well, why don’t you just skip breakfast and eat lunch at noon?” Well, you small-brained humans, it’s because breakfast is the most important meal of the day

I just love to exercise (if you know me at ALL, you’ll know that was sarcastic) so I went outside, but not before channelling my creativity into a DIY project- lace curtains! *Scratch scratch*

I took the elevator down (because stairs are for losers).

I got Rutvi to put me in a tree so I could pretend to be Tarzan and swing back to the house on a vine. But unfortunately, there were no vines in sight. And I ended up taking a quick nap. Eventually I had to leave, though…

See?! All you humans say I’m a fat cat! I’m not! I’m chubby and cute and make people go, “AWWWWWWW, what is that fluff ball of awesomeness?!” If I’m so fat, then how can I fit in Rutvi’s tiny palm? Huh? Huh? HUH????!!! Then, before bed, I upload my pictures to my blog. 

I know you would have loved to see more pictures of me, but I was too tired to pose anymore. Being a model is hard work, you know.

Goodbye, my dear fans! 

Today’s deep question:

How can one be a  chubby (but NOT fat), sassy, amazing, AND adorable unicorn/cat/donut  at the same time?


~Pusheen The Cat ❤ ❤ ❤

{with no help from Rutvi}

i have nothing to say about this except BARF. 

Our Blogging Community

Our Blogging Community is different than others. We’re a real group of friends who know each other from cyberspace. And it’s incredibly cool. Here’s an explanation of being part of this blogging community.

-We type in all caps. A LOT.

-Most of us are obsessed with reading and/or writing, and we display our creative ideas and stories on our blogs.

-most of us are in some kind of fandom. Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.

-We all love Pusheen the cat. We worship her. (whyyyy?)

-We’re all weird. (But then again, what is normal?)

-We all like being artsy. Who doesn’t?

-Most of us like photography.

-We complain about our struggles. (way too much, honestly)

i have no idea why i never posted this, i actually sort of like it. it’s very true. 

i have a few more but they’re probably even worse than all these. (yes, it’s possible!)

conclusion: i’m lazy.

Question of the day: do you guys remember when i called all my followers unicorns? *shudders*






Guys. GUYS. I never thought I would get to meet one of my blogging friends, but….



I GOT TO MEET THE LOVELY SAMANTHA FROM REDHEAD WITH A BOOK! She’s even more awesome in real life, guys, I’m so lucky I got to meet her! I had a blast!! Go follow her if you haven’t already-she’s my twin.

It was really cool to kind of see a behind-the-scenes of Sam’s blogs,  and meet her adorable cat, Twila!😻

And because Sam’s AMAZING, she got me this adorable pusheen planner, a couple mini emoji pillows, a bookmark, a handmade bracelet, and a really sweet card!image.jpg


I’m SO happy we got to meet, it almost didn’t work out but we made it happen!!! Sam’s such a beautiful, smart, quirky person, and it’s so cool that I can now say I know her IRL!

(Sam and I were talking yesterday and we both agreed it would be perfect if Loren was there.)


GUYS. How cool is it to be able to say I’ve been in my favorite blogger’s ROOM?! (Btw, Sam, your rainbow bookshelf looks way better than mine ever did. XD)

Thank you SO much Sam for such an awesome experience! I had SO much fun and the whole time I was like “OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!!”