the change award

hi everyone!! loren nominated me for the change award that gracie created, and i’m super excited to do it! well rutvi if you were so excited why didn’t you do the tag when she tagged you instead of 56708457398 years later  

here are the rules:

– link back to me, as well as whoever nominated you.
– include this: i, gracie chick of a light in the darkness, created this award to highlight the importance of young people taking responsibility for the future of their world. the change award also gives them the opportunity to share with others what they believe in.
answer the questions below.
– nominate as many people as you like.

make a list of the things you want to change about schools.

  • stop grading group projects as a whole. if one person doesn’t do their part, why should my grades drop?
  • please don’t make sex ed so awkward for us. i’m begging you. it isn’t necessary to make us say….words aloud as a class. we know how to say them, we promise.
  • make polar bear running an official sport!!! kids put hard work into running in the freezing weather!
  • now, i understand why we have to take standardized tests for class placement and all. but WHY DO WE HAVE TO STANDARDIZED TESTS THAT DON’T EVEN DETERMINE PLACEMENT?
  • s t o p  m a k i n g  p o i n t l e s s  r u l e s

    make a list of the things you want to change about local communities.

  • this isn’t that big of a deal, but please make girl scout cookies less expensive. $30 for 6 boxes is insane.
  • adults, don’t keep asking middle school kids if they know what they want to be when they’re older. it puts a lot of pressure on us, and the majority of us still have no idea what we want our future occupation to be.
  • @adults again, stop saying “this generation” this and “this generation” that. who raised our generation? your generation. and what is so wrong with us?? technology was made to impact the world. and we don’t just sit around like brainless zombies, contrary to popular belief.

    make a list of the things you want to change about the world, your world.

  • the media is trying to change beauty standards, but they’re doing it the wrong way. they say people should love themselves EVEN THOUGH/DESPITE *insert “flaw” here*. example: oh, i guess i’m pretty, EVEN THOUGH i’m a size 14. NONONONO STOP RIGHT THERE HUNNY. THAT IS NOT SELF LOVE OR BODY POSITIVITY OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. change that ‘even though’ to BECAUSE. you are beautiful BECAUSE you are a size 14. there we go, that’s better.
  • people have to stop saying “that’s gay” TO THINGS THAT AREN’T EVEN REMOTELY ABOUT LGBTQ+ STUFF.
  • please give us a new president. enough said.
  • g u n   l a w s. please change them. guns aren’t necessary.

    i hope i did this right. i wasn’t sure how to organize some of the things i had to say or which category to put them in, so i just kind of guessed.


samantha @redheadwithabook

mcckenna @alternate galaxy

liv @andlivloves

i’m running out of people, so anyone who’s wearing red right now, consider yourself tagged!

**disclaimer** this post was not made to offend anyone, so i’m truly sorry if you are offended. if you don’t agree with some things i mentioned, kindly say so, but if you can’t, then there’s a very useful button called “close tab”.

much love to all of you. ❤



:at night:

nighttime is when you’re most vulnerable.

night is when the truth comes out.



are told

at night

these things you say to yourself when the sky is dark and your mind is exhausted

are things you’d never dare to say when light is shining through your window.

night tells you things you don’t want to hear

night is when it’s easiest

to be alone

and to tell yourself these truths.

and night is when you can cry

and no one can hear

hey guys, how are you?

i’m sorry i’ve been so absent on here, i really need to post more. i’ll try harder, i promise. what would you guys like to see more of?

some updates:

  • you’re such a by hailee steinfeld is a good song
  • i just read all the bright places by jennifer niven, and it was so heartbreakingly beautiful and amazing. it’s the first book that’s ever made me cry.
  • i made a band board with pictures of all my fav bands on it. i’ll post pictures soon.  :))
  • i’m writing a paper about tyler joseph for school. maybe i’ll post it here when i’m done??



part of the reason i loved all the bright places so much was because it told me that you can be everything to someone, you can love someone and they can love you, but that doesn’t mean you can stop them from doing things that will hurt you. 

bye, lovelies. ❤


i let my mom write a post for me…

hey guys! some of you might remember this post, where i gave my brother the computer and let him write whatever he wanted. *sigh* i seriously regret that… but i think my mom would be less…cruel. so without further ado, my mom is taking over from here!

Hello Rutvi’s blogging world! Here I am, a computer professional, with not a blog to my name, writing on my daughter’s blog instead – huh. Should I be proud? Yes, I sure am :-).

So, now what? I can maybe, tell you about some interesting facts about her:

  • When she was little, the one song that could calm her down anytime, sung over and over was ‘London Bridge is falling down…’
  • She loved and wanted to do everything her older brother did, that’s how she found her self lost in the wonderful world of Kumon 😛
  • She is really ‘punny’ all the time.
  • Is this a teenage thing? Wanting to wear oversized sweatshirts, mostly stolen from her brother?
  • Rutvi can eat sweets and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • She has blossomed into an awesome gymnast. Love to watch her
  • She is also a brat and an annoying teenager at times.
  • She has a way with words – I am amazed by everything she writes, from the little notes and cards, to the stories that have turned into books – where does she get that from? How can she write so well?
  • She is so organized with her thoughts and yet so disorganized.

She never ceases to amaze all of us, she is so creative. Keep amazing us, keep amazing the world with your smarts & talent. Make us proud, be proud of who you are.

aw, thank you mom! ❤ i love you 🙂

i like your post a lot better than fatty’s.

happy thanksgiving, everyone! i’m thankful for my whole family, but also for the best-friend relationship i have with my mom. ❤

Hey World.

Hello, hello! Today I have a post that I’ve had planned FOREVER about a topic that’s been bothering me for the longest time.

Here’s the issue I want to address.

If you are a teenage girl living in these times, people want you to tell yourself you are ugly.

My friends and I were at the pool on Tuesday, and we got out of the water to just relax for a bit. We started taking selfies (that made us seem like such stereotypical teenagers) and talking, and one of them started complaining, saying “Ugh, delete that, I look so fat.” and pinched her belly. I said, “What are you talking about?” Because it genuinely confuses me when my gorgeous friends say things like that. Maybe I’m just oblivious to it or maybe I’m so used to my friend’s appearances that I don’t care. But what she said is a lie. It is a complete and utter lie.

So, I have another friend. She is a goddess. I’m not saying this just because she’s my best friend, but because she IS a true. freaking. goddess. She’s been told this so many times, however, when we FaceTime just after she’s woken up, she says “I look so bad right now,” and even goes so far as to call herself chubby or ugly whenever we hang out. I’ve told her  that it’s impossible for her to be ugly.

It is so impossible to feel pretty or socially acceptable in these times. My friends tell me “You’re so gorgeous” or “You’re so lucky you’re skinny” and I will politely say thank you. But I also look at their body and say, “I don’t understand, you are just as skinny.” Looking down on yourself and calling yourself out for flaws you don’t even have is a result of standards social media has set. The list goes on an on. “My forehead is too big, I’m so pale, my arms are so long, my eyebrows are so weird, etc.” It kind of make you think, right? It’s so sad.

  Being skinny is not the only way to be pretty. Just think, if everyone in the world was stick-thin, we wouldn’t have different body types to admire. Everyone would wear size 000 clothes and look the same. Part of the beauty in people is diversity, and diversity doesn’t only mean different races or religions; it means being structured differently. So yeah, you’re not Cara Delevingne. Whatever. You’re better. It hurts, it hurts when friends insult themselves and won’t listen to anyone who tells them that they’re pretty as they are. These problems bother me as much as they do for my friends. It makes me wonder if I’m really as important to them as they say. Because if I am, why don’t you see that I’m telling the truth? If you can notice every blemish on your skin and all the imperfections that you claim exist, why can’t you notice that it doesn’t matter? Why can’t you notice that you’re beautiful? That so many people love you?

If you wouldn’t say it to a child… why would you say it to yourself?

Look, girls. Don’t you dare talk down on yourself. Don’t you dare be your own bully.



Answers to my Q and Ayyyyy! (Part 1)

Hello everyone! I’m finally answering the questions from my Q and A! I’m super excited, because I haven’t done one of these since my 15 follower Q and A from last year, which is so unbelievably cringey.

The questions are in italics. My answers are written in regular font. 🙂

Mya’s questions:

Favorite book?

Seriously? Ughhh it changes all the time. Right now it’s Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum.

Favorite animal?

I don’t have one. Cats, maybe?

Favorite musical?

Does The Sound of Music count? I just watched it for the 4000th time yesterday. If not, then The Wizard Of Oz.

If you had four kids, two boys and two girls, what would you name them?

So many of you guys want to know what I’d name my kids. XD I’m only thirteen! …Hmmm, I kind of would want to meet or see my kids before I named them… but I’ve always loved the names Zoe or Sienna. For boys…I actually really like the name Ezekiel, which is the name of one of the characters from my book. I guess I also like the name Dylan, but meh, I don’t think I would name my child that.

What is your opinion on pigs? (You better be nice to them or you’ll have to face my wrath)

Pigs…they’re cute, when they’re not covered in mud. Especially baby pigs. I hope that was the right answer, Mya. 😉

And….. Are you planning to publish any more books?

Yeah, I’d love to!  But not really in the near future, I don’t think. I don’t wanna be rushing into things and I’d like to explore more with writing and get more into poetry.

May’s questions:

what does your name mean? what would you change it to, if you could?

i’m pretty sure it means “spring” or “flowers”.

hang on…

*googles name*

okay, mom, you lied to me. it actually means “speech, season, very kind and honest”.

favorite shoes brand? clothes brand?

Honestly I don’t care. Wait, I like Vans. But they’re too darn expensive. Clothes, I like the brand Mudd from Kohl’s, I just got the CUTEST Harry Potter shirt. Their graphic tees are so sassy and adorable. I also like Forever 21 and FULL TILT by Tilly’s, but I only get their stuff on sale.
what type of music do you like?

EMO. Kind of. I’m obsessed with Panic! At The Disco. I also LOVE All Time Low and I’m currently listening to them as I type this up. But I’m sort of starting to love 5SOS?? So the best way to describe my music tastes is probably something like emo/boy band/adorable love songs.
what type of music will you never listen to?

Rap. I hate rap music. I’m sorry, but I can hardly even call it music.
are you writing a novel right now?

Not currently, nope. 🙂

how are you feeling today? ❤

Sweet of you to ask! 🙂 I’m feeling really good. I’m unusually happy and that’s the only reason I’m being productive today. I’m excited, though I’m not sure what for.

Miss Dino‘s questions:

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Birthday Cake, even though the kind from my favorite ice cream place turns my tongue blue. XD

Favorite movie?

Mean Girls. It’s so fetch. Or My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

Favorite food?

C’mon, don’t make me choose!

Favorite book?

Currently, Tell Me Three Things or Love & Gelato. For an old favorite, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. 
Favorite pizza topping?

Pineapples or mushrooms. 🙂
One thing you’re allergic to?


Kiddiiiiing. You’re great, Miss Dino. 🙂 I’m not allergic to anything, actually.
Cats or dogs?

Favorite day of the week?


Favorite type of flower?

Hydrangeas or roses.

(half of) Olive’s questions:

who’s your favorite fictional character?

Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood,  or Annabeth Chase. I also love Ren and Lina from Love & Gelato. 
if you could marry a fictional character, who would it be?


if you could change one thing in a book, what would it be?

I don’t think I’d change anything. I wouldn’t want to mess with any carefully made plots.
what’s your favorite candy?


what’s your favorite thing to play with? (fidget spinners, legos, your phone, ect)

Definitely my Popsocket. I’m adamantly against fidget spinners. They’re so annoying.

I’ll be back with a part 2 in a few days! Hope you enjoyed. 🙂



::obsessions part 2::

you can see part one here.

in case you don’t know what these posts are, they’re where i share things i’m obsessed with and am currently loving. for this particular installment, i’m sharing things i’ve loved for a while but just recently figured out how much i love them. here we go…

  1. all time low- ok, so this isn’t even new, but they weren’t in my last obsessions post so they have to be in here. their music is so freaking good… my favorite songs by them are missing you, good times, drugs and candy, dirty laundry, and… okay, i’ll stop. (but  afterglow is really good too!!!!)

2. not all of this post is music, i promise, but i also love vanilla twilight by owl city. i got introduced to it by this post by loren. it’s so beautiful and meaningful.

3. writing- i try to write a little bit every night before bed. even if it’s only a few sentences. i’ve been getting super into my poetry lately. it’s kind of mostly depressing poetry, but that’s just what comes to mind. i wouldn’t say they’re reaaaally good, but they’re ok.

4. sharpies-i recently got a huge set of colored sharpies and i’m officially in love. they’re so colorful and i’m gonna do SO MUCH ART.

5. my boyfriend. (chill, just look at the picture.)

^^photo creds go to sam from redheadwithabook^^

we haven’t met yet, but i know it’s true love. especially because our relationship tortures sam. XD he’s so beautiful and majestic and strong. i love you so much, dave! ❤ ❤

6.  bike riding. i discovered how much i love this last summer, but i love it even more now, if that’s possible. it’s nice to be alone with nature.

7.  my friends- for some reason, this year i’ve developed an extreme feeling of appreciation for my friends. i don’t know if it was because i met so many new people, or what, and i’ve always had so much fun with my friends, but this year is the first year i’ve really started thinking, “wow, i really love these weirdos.”

ok, that is it for current obsessions! i hope that was fun to read. also, if you didn’t hear, i’m doing a q and a, and i would really love to have more questions to answer, so if you could check that out, it’s be great. *hands you pie*

i hope all of you have a great day.

love, rutvi♥



jello everyone! i have some really exciting news, i’m currently-










































very bored.

so, since I’m going to be bored until school starts, i decided to do a Q and A, because i have some blogging friends that know me really well, and some that don’t, so now you all get to know about my panic! at the disco-ness and my all time low-ity and my taylor swift-lyness.


all right, feel free to comment as many questions as you’d like, you potato.

if i feel it’s too personal, i won’t answer it.

go crazy.


(also, someone please tell me you get the reference in the title. )