there’s somethin’ ’bout the way the street looks when it’s just rained….




there’s a glow on the pavement…..



hello, hello! forgive me for being an AWFUL excuse for a blogger- this is my first post this month. track, soccer, gymnastics has been taking up most of my time, and, of course, my history teacher thinks i have no life, so she gave me 59876543567309487528901 assignments. yay! now the school year is coming to a close, and i will have more time to post over the summer. oh my gosh, i can’t believe i’m graduating and moving on to- gulp-high school. yikes.

the title of this post is a line from taylor swift’s song fearless, in honor of my first (hopefully of many) taytay concert coming up soon!! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDD. sam got to see it before me, and i’m super jealous.
the first few pictures show some of the flowers in our garden in sunlight, and the rest are how they look after it’s rained. though flowers are always pretty (even when they’re dead), i love the look of rain on flowers, and the scent in the air after rain falls. i think rain makes everything a little more beautiful. also, i love redbud trees??? they’re SO gorgeous. ♥

life updates:

-i beat my personal record in the 100m dash in track! originally my time was around 15.29 seconds, and then it was 14.69, and then in a relay i ran it in 13.94 seconds!!

-speaking of track, i got to go to an invite-only meet on thursday, but the FrEaKiNg seventh grade soccer team took the bus without us, so we ended up missing four races. bleh. thanks a lot, sevvies.

-i’ve been binge watching the great british baking show a LOT recently, i just finished the second season. no joke, i watched for 5 hours straight yesterday. i think i have too much free time. which i could have spent blogging but….

-my birthday’s next sunday! yay, aging.

-i was chosen as a finalist to give a speech at graduation! i’ll find out if i got it tomorrow….i’ll update y’all.


-i have some new art, i’ll get it posted at some point in my life.

– i need stranger things season three RIGHT NOW. seriously, how can we wait until 2019??

-CLUB PENGUIN IS BACK, MY DOODS. it’s really funny because it’s unblocked on our school chromebooks, so everyone made an account and plays it in class. plus, most of the people on there are my age, which is great and goes to show how immature we all are. XD my favorite part of it is going to crowded places and screaming “WHO LIKES PANIC! AT THE DISCO?!” and friending whoever says “ME” and tells me their favorite song. (btw if you wanna make an account, go to clubpenguinonline!!! my username is sptsptspgoot)

-i kind of want to learn how to play ukelele. it sounds really cool. (loren, want to teach me?)

-i literally am the dumbest person ever. i accidentally put salt in my mom’s coffee, asked a girl IN MY MATH CLASS what period she had math, AND fell up AND down the stairs all in one day. no exaggeration.

also, happy mother’s day! make sure to thank your lovely mothers for bringing you into the world. 🙂


rutvi ❤

phonetography: july 2017

i love taking pictures, but sometimes i don’t have my camera with me, so i have to resort to taking pictures on my phone. here’s some that i’ve taken over the course of the last month. oh, and there’s a few pictures from my vacation in june.

mulberry tree near my town’s park district/carnival.


pretty aster flower in my backyard.


photo of my neighbor’s rose bush, taken at night.


random tree. this photo also taken at night.


beautiful dead snake i saw when i was driving down to meet samantha.



^^flowers i saw on a particularly long and grueling hike.
my friend’s and my starbucks drinks. only one out of the 3 of us is healthy. 😛
flowers under my mailbox.


my friend and i on the top of a ride at the carnival. it looks like we’re wearing fishnets. XD

i hope you liked this installment of phonetography. i have a lot more to share, and yes, i’m aware that the quality of these photos are mediocre, and that i take way too many pictures of flowers. whateverrr.

i’m such a teenager. i like to drag out my words when i text/type. (Example: heyyyy, how are yaaaa, guysssss, yesssss)  it makes me sound clingy and weird, but it’s annoyingly fun. loren, sam, you guys probably get what i mean. XD that’s just how i roll. tenor


ok, bye. have a great day, lovelies. 🙂


:princess flowers:




or edited?DSC03451DSC03452DSC03453



or edited?


the pink petals look kind of dainty, like layers on a princess’s skirt. and pink and purple are princess-y colors so, why not? 😛

(i know, sorry, there are so many flower photos on here that it might be mistaken for a gardening blog. sorry. not sorry, though.)

i played around on picmonkey to edit these photos. thoughts??




I Need To Make A Random Post, ‘Kay?

Photography:  dsc08129dsc08130dsc08131dsc08132This is the best photo I’ve ever gotten of a bunny! ♥



♥♥taken on my way to the bus stop around 7:16 AM.


Old camera!


Literally the only reason I wanted a photo with the horse (I cropped myself out of it)  is ’cause of Taylor Swift’s song White Horse lol XD


^^Some old vaca pics.

Bloggy Stuff:

I changed my button: capturingcreating

Artsy Stuff:

img_4309A quote from the TS song Sad Beautiful Tragic. The board is painted by yours truly  😀  O:)

And sorry for the bad quality photo, I snapped it from my phone literally 5 seconds ago….

Schooly Stuff:

I ran the mile yesterday. My time was 8:31,  which has SO improved since last year (I got 10:40something :O )

I’ve been working on stuff that’s a level ahead of my math class lately, which is good because I find our topics in class kind of boring, having done them already & whatnot.

Oh, and my Language Arts teacher is AWESOME. I’ll have pics of one of my assignments soon. It’s pretty cool.  ^__^

Okay, gotta run. G’night!



Experimenting {Photography}

Hello! I haven’t done a photography post in a while, so that’s what today’s post is. Normally, while taking pictures, I stand close to the object and try to focus it better without zooming too much. So while taking these, I stood farther away and used my zoom. I can notice a difference with this, can you?

DSC06084.JPGThis is our neighbor’s dog, Olive. Isn’t she cute? I must say, though, she barks a lot!

DSC06053.JPGDSC06112.JPGI tried to get a picture of the bee…good thing I wasn’t standing too close to it. (I don’t like bees very much)

DSC06097.JPGHere’s another photo of Olive. I was standing in my yard and zoomed all the way in to get this photo! I think Olive is a black lab, but I’m not sure…


Which picture was your favorite?

What kind of post do you want to see next?


DIY Summer Room Decor

School’s officially over, and that means it’s… SUMMER!!! Time to be lazy and lie on your bed doing nothing. 😉 In this post, I show you some things you can make to spruce up your room so it feels like Summer inside, too.

I don’t have step-by-step pictures, so it’s not a tutorial, but I’m just giving you some ideas. 🙂 Number one!

Flower Garland

Here’s what it looks like on my wall:DSC05983.JPGSo basically I just took my flower shape puncher and punched out a bunch of flowers out of 2 different shades of pink paper. (I used pink because it matches my room, but I think white would look good in any room.)DSC05990I Mod-podged one light pink and one dark pink flower together so that just a sliver of dark pink shows. Make several of these. DSC05991.JPGI took some green lanyard string and taped it to the back of the flowers and hung it on my wall! I honestly don’t think I need any more flowers in my room-the walls are covered in flower stickers-but I couldn’t resist just a few more! 😀

Rainbow Bookshelf

This one was not actually my idea, I got it from this post by Samantha. I started a time-lapse video on my phone as I was reorganizing, and I encourage you to do the same because it’s fun to watch it when you’re done. 🙂 Here’s how it turned out:DSC05987.JPGDon’t mind the yellow Harry Potter book at the end. It didn’t fit anywhere else xD

Oh, and the tree is actually an earring tree, just an FYI. DSC05989.JPGAs you can see, I gave it a super summery vibe by putting this painting on my shelf. DSC05988.JPGHere’s my stack of writing notebooks. They’re actually not all in here… 😛

Bored Box

While it’s great to be free of school for a few months, chances are you’ve realized that summer is BORING!!! There’s nothing to do all day! It’s only the first day of break for me, and I’m already looking forward to the first day of school. XD

DSC05985.JPGThis one is probably one of my favorites. I took a shelf from a box of 64 crayons and drew a watermelon and the word’ love’ onto it. Then I cut out a bunch of rectangles from the same shades of pink paper that I used to make the flower garland. (Phew! That was a run-on sentence haha) I wrote different things on each one, like these:

-Call a friend over

 -Learn how to do something new


-Take pictures

-Play outside

-Watch Youtube


This will help when you can’t decide what to do, and it’s really cute, too!

Bucket List


Besides being bored, I actually do have a few things I want to do this summer. 😉

DSC05992.JPGI also put this pretty painting I made under it, and I loved it so much that I almost don’t want to take it down in Fall. ❤

Decor ideaDSC05986

I put a scented cream on my desk to add a pop of color to my room-it also smells really good. 🙂

Rainbow Vase!

DSC05984.JPGI made this a loooong time ago, but basically all you do is get a clear vase and paint rainbow colored dots all over it. Yay! More rainbows! XD🦄


This is a sign I hung on my door. It’s a sheet of pink paper with a popsicle and the words ‘Cool for the Summer’ written on it, and it’s perfect if you’ve heard and liked that song by Demi Lovato. 😉

Cute Phone CaseDSC05995

I’ve already done #6 on my bucket list: I made a pineapple out of craft foam and scrapbook paper & snapped it into my clear phone case. Now it’s a pineapple product instead of an apple product! XD


Did you like that post? I would LOVE if some of you would try these out, and maybe even post pictures? 🙂

Oh, and story of the day:

I played 2 soccer games today and ate lunch with my team! Soccer’s officially over. 😦 But we played an AMAZING rain game! GO VIRGINIA!!!! 🙂