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gday to all! i know a lot of you enjoy book reviews, so today’s post will be a mix of all the books i’ve recently read and my thoughts on them. be warned, book rants ahead.

currently reading: numbers by rachel ward.

Numbers (Numbers, #1)
*image taken from goodreads*

summary: jem lives with a curse- whenever she looks someone in the eye, she sees a date on their forehead-the day they will die. jem isolates herself to avoid the awfulness of her situation, but she meets Spider, and they plan a trip to the city. as they explore, jem finds that each of the tourists has the same number-the current day. they are all destined to die…unless they escape. but which of the consequences will be worse?

opinion: i’m not done with it yet, but so far it’s pretty action packed. i like the idea of the book and i find it interesting, but at the same time a little hard to follow. also, i don’t like jem at all. she’s kind of a whiny brat, and if i knew her in real life, she wouldn’t be someone i’d want to be friends with. also, she can barely go two sentences without swearing. i mean seriously, page 7 and i already see a “fork off” (except she didn’t really say fork ya know). occasional swears are okay in a book, okay for a character who is mad or upset. but if they’re there over and over again, it’s repetitive and unnecessary. it’s like jem didn’t know how to talk to people other than telling them to fork off. also, her and spider’s romance- ugh. really? it was cliche and just plain stupid. honestly, i’m getting reallllly tired of the ‘girl falls in love with best guy friend’ scenario in books. if you’re going to write romance (which was also UNNECESSARY) into an action novel, AT LEAST THINK OF SOMETHING CREATIVE! AND DON’T TEACH YOUNG READERS STUPID EXPECTATIONS AND THINGS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS! also why does jem feel the need to clarify that spider was black every two seconds? (in the beginning of the book) like i get it jem, calm down. i won’t abandon this book, but only because i want to see how it ends. (without reading spoilers)  i will NOT be reading the sequel.

book: willow by julia hoban


*taken from goodreads*

summary: willow’s parents ask their daughter to drive them home after drinking too much wine, but the rain made willow lose control of her car, killing her parents. then willow resorts to cutting herself, and then yay! guy saves the day!

opinion: okay, if you can’t tell from the halfhearted summary, i did not like this book at all. in fact, i disliked it so much that i decided it needed a terrible summary to match its terrible content. buckle up, i have a lot to say about this book. first of all, i don’t even know why i checked it out. the summary on the back made it seem boring, the cover was ugly (we all judge books by their covers, don’t deny it) and looked like it had been made on pic collage, and it looked like it had never been checked out before. i managed to read the whole thing, and while i was reading it, i was like “oh okay, it’s not horrible! i’m intrigued!” but i also couldn’t help feeling like i was doing something wrong the whole time i was reading it. after reading what other people thought about it, i realized why i felt so horrible and found that i 100% agreed with them saying that willow was totally ungrateful, and guy (yes, that is his name) didn’t seem to understand that if willow was cutting, he should have TOLD SOMEONE, even if willow told him not to. and the romance- oh my god, please. “i’ll be your lover now, willow. those razors can’t be your lover anymore.” GUY. PLEASE DO US A FAVOR AND GO. AWAY. as “charming” as he may be, he can’t cure depression, and he is certainly not a replacement for her parents. the last thing willow needs while she’s feeling so guilty and awful is a boyfriend. guy really seems like a nice…well…guy, and it was sweet that he wanted to help, but honestly, how did he know he was going to fall in love with willow JUST BECAUSE SHE HELPED A GIRL IN THE SCIENCE LAB? stalker much?? willow is portrayed as a helpless girl who was like: “oh poor me, pity me, i cut myself, i need someone to save me” and guy is like “I’LL SAVE YOU PRINCESS DON’T WORRY JUST LISTEN TO ME I’LL FIX EVERYTHING!” falling in love with someone doesn’t take away their depression, and stopping cutting isn’t something that’s easy to do. also, the fact that willow cuts was the whole basis for the book, and i feel like the way the author wrote about it wasn’t accurate. willow treated cutting like a hobby, or something to do when minor things went wrong. here were some of the things she said: “i’m very systematic with my cutting, i take precautions to make sure they don’t get infected, i cut because i have to, oh don’t worry, i only cut on my arms” and it was just so WRONG. it’s not easy to talk about it, so how it’s a common discussion topic for her and guy is strange. i get that she was feeling extremely guilty. i understand that it can lead to depression and even this extremity of cutting yourself. but the way cutting was portrayed, even for someone who doesn’t know much about it, was just really annoying and wrong. willow needs therapy or some other help, not a boyfriend.

i think that’s it. i really hated this book. words can’t describe how TERRIBLE it is.

book: snow flower and the secret fan by lisa see

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

*taken from goodreads*

summary: set in 19th century china, a girl named lily and a girl named snow flower are paired together as ‘old sames’, otherwise referred to as laotongs. as the years pass by, the girls become women and grow closer and closer together, embroidering together, sending each others letters written in nu shu (a secret language used by women, away from the influence of men) on fans, sharing their joys and tragedies of motherhood and arranged marriages. their bond seems unbreakable- until a misunderstanding threatens to take away everything they’ve had together.

opinion: this is a pretty obscure book, but i just loved it. seriously, it was one of the best books i’ve read in a while. it’s not something i would have seen myself reading, but i ended up looooving it. to start: don’t get me wrong, romance is great. and there was a little bit in this. but that’s part of what made this book so good- the plot wasn’t completely focused on romance. it taught me a lot about china in the 1800s, and how laotongs work, what they are, and how they show the beauty of friendship between women. snow flower had really good themes, was incredibly sad at some parts, but incredibly pure and beautiful at others. if i had any emotions, i probably would have sobbed my eyes out- and that’s how you know it’s a good book. i loved the characters (snow flower could be a bit annoying sometimes but in in the end, she’s pretty great), too. i hated the idea of footbinding and the mindset of “if a woman can’t have sons, both she and the daughter are worthless”, but those aren’t problems with the book, they’re problems with history. i also loved  learning about nu shu and the idea of a secret language developed by women. i loved that the friendship between snow flower and lily was more important than any of the romance. this book was so unique and interesting, and it’s by far one of the best, most informational, beautifully written, historical fiction books i’ve ever read.

thank you so much for reading! at 1347 words, i think that’s enough for today. 😛

love always,

rutvi ❤


P.P.S. 1389 words.

P.P.P.S. okay, i’m done now. byeeee. ❤


book review: everything, everything

yes, i am aware that this book is not new, but i have so many mixed thoughts about it that i kind of had to write a review.  it took me a really long time to get around to reading this, and thankfully no one spoiled it for me. ok! into the review.

first of all, the cover. it’s. freaking. gorgeous. 10/10 on the cover design.

the author: i love nicola yoon. she also wrote the sun is also a star, which is an amazing book. i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of it.

summary: madeline is allergic to the world. but when olly- the mysterious boy who wears nothing but black- moves in next door, her world changes forever. everything everything is a book of madeline’s firsts in life, and is about how love changes everything.

***warning: this review contains spoilers.***

things i liked:

  • i loved the little drawings and charts that were in the book. it made me feel like i was actually reading madeline’s journal or something.
  • the way madeline’s feelings and thoughts were described. it was just so phenomenal, and the author did a great job of making me, as the reader, feel as if the scene was unfolding right in front of me.
  • madeline’s personality. she’s been sick her whole life, but i love that she doesn’t feel sorry for herself or is depressed because of her sickness. i also liked that she didn’t immediately kiss olly or become his girlfriend, because how cliché would that be? falling in love with the first boy you meet?
  • carla, the nurse. she gave madeline and olly a chance. she truly understood madeline, possibly even better than madeline’s own mother.

things i didn’t like:

  • madeline’s mom.


while i was reading the book, i didn’t think much of her, i thought she was just a sweet mom afraid of hurting her child. but by the end, i really didn’t like her. she’d lied to madeline her whole life. she gave excuses for it, but honestly, i feel like nothing could justify that. she basically robbed madeline of every life experience she could have had. and here’s something i didn’t understand. after madeline runs outside to rescue olly, her mom throws her clothes away.  “i had to trash your clothes. and we should be extra careful the next few days…” she says. why would she do that? if madeline didn’t have SCID the entire time, what could have possibly happened within the minute that she was outside? what is her mom protecting her from? it doesn’t make sense. telling your daughter she has a disease when she truly doesn’t is really…low. i’m sorry, but it is. that doesn’t count as “protecting” her. not to mention that it’s dangerous. if madeline’s mom gave her medicine or things that she didn’t actually need, what could happen to her? what if madeline had actually ordered pills to keep her disease at bay? and if she’d taken them? it could seriously screw something up. i wasn’t okay with the fact that her mom made up the fact that madeline had SCID, and that half of her life went to waste because of it.


however, i do think that the plot twist at the end of the book was necessary. without it, the plot would be like any classic falling-in-love story. ”

i rate this book an 8/10 stars. i would definitely read it again, and the story was amazing and heartachingly cute. ( is that a thing?? 😛 )  the only reason it lost 2 points is because i can’t believe that madeline’s mom would lie to her daughter. i did have high expectations for this book, and it met them. 🙂


i really hope nicola yoon writes more books, and i would recommend everything, everything. even if romance isn’t your favorite genre, i think it’s from an interesting perspective and that it’s definitely one of those books that you just can’t miss out on.

have you read everything/everything? what did you think of it?

one last thing! something that nicola yoon mentioned in the sun is also a star was super powerful and also a key concept in this book.

“one thing is certain: love always changes everything.”

i think it’s completely true and a beautiful way of explaining both of nicola yoon’s books.


Tips You Need To Know Before You go Back to School

Hi! This is Day Three (the last day! 😦 ) of my collab with Bella. colabwithbella

Organizing yourself is hard, and here’s a way to do it like a boss.

  1. Have color-coordinated folders and notebooks. You’ve probably read this everywhere, but it’s a common tip to stay organized. For example, you can do red for reading, orange for history, yellow for science, green for math, blue for writing, purple for anything else.
  2. Have your friend’s phone numbers. This is important in case you just want to talk, want to hang out, or if you need to ask, “What’s the bio homework?”
  3. Keep an emergency bag of things you’ll need at school. See Bella’s here.
  4. If you have lockers/locker partners, please, get to know them. I’ve never had a locker partner before, but I’m going to try and become friends with her this year-it’ll make sharing a locker a lot less awkward.
  5. If you join any clubs, keep some snacks in your backpack because trust me, you will get hungry. Or even if you don’t, this is a good idea in case you skipped breakfast or something.
  6. You might have a list of everything your teacher wants you to have for the school year. Well, I’m telling you now-you will probably end up overspending on stuff you won’t use. If the list says nine notebooks but you only have eight periods, then get eight notebooks.
  7.  If you need to remember to take something to school but you have the memory of Dory, (welcome to my world) set it as your phone’s background so when you turn it on, you’ll remember what you need to bring.

Thanks for reading, Bella and I had tons of fun collaborating and we hope you enjoyed this series! Have an amazing school year. ❤


Rutvi & Bella

Book Review: Positively Beautiful

Here I am again with another book review!

Before you ask, this is NOT a book about being popular and shallow and the media’s idea of beauty.Untitled

Maybe that’s why I liked it so much. A lot of books targeted at girls my age are about that, and I get it, like, middle schoolers are always trying to be like the ‘cool’ kids, and Echosmith even wrote a whole song about it. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Especially if you’re Erin. (The MC in this book)

Another thing I liked about this book is that it doesn’t have a predictable, classic happy ending: I was getting tired of reading books like that. It’s unique. It’s about a real girl with real struggles, and about Erin finding herself. It’s on a topic that is sad but true, and thee emotions are incredible.

Positively Beautiful

(You might notice that I chose pink for the text. It’s not because it’s a pretty color. Keep reading)

Erin’s life is a before and after picture. Before are all the good memories. After is reality, and the cold, hard truth. When Erin’s mom is diagnosed with breast cancer, her life turns upside down. The two have always been there for each other. But suddenly nothing else matters. Graduation? It’s the last thing on Erin’s mind. College? No. School? Friends? (both are pretty awful at the moment) What she is thinking about is keeping her mom alive, and sometimes she is so scared but she can’t give up, because if she does then so will her mom, and she is not ready for that. Erin takes up flying so that she has an outlet, so that she can find something else to focus on. Her father was a pilot, and she loved watching the planes fly. It’s an amazing feeling. One day everything goes wrong. Erin finds out she has the BCRA mutation, meaning she could get cancer. Her mom isn’t getting better, and she just can’t take it. School is horrible, and she needs to get away from everything. A plane ride quickly turns into a crash-landing in the middle of nowhere, but she doesn’t care-she is too worried for her mom, too worried about herself. Will she have to cut off her breasts to avoid cancer? And will she live? What is going to happen to her, and what about her life? Erin has met a girl online. Someone just like her, who has the mutation, whose sister might have it too. She finds herself pouring out her story to the girl, Ashley. When she’s all alone, she calls her, hanging on to her last thread of hope. Quickly finding out that Ashley, this girl she thinks she’s been talking to is a boy, she is confused. The boy’s name is Jason and he practically saved her life. He has the mutation. (yes, that is possible.) His little sister Ashley has a possibility of having it too, and he doesn’t want to think about death-he wants to live. But it’s so hard to live knowing how you might die. He shows Erin his calm place, his island.

Erin might be falling in love with Jason, and he can’t help but fall in love with her a little bit too. But wait. Jason said he would never fall in love, because when you do, you will lose them, and it just hurts too much. Erin loves Jason’s family, but she needs to go home, her mother needs her. Upon arriving back in Atlanta, she is a mess of tears, missing Jason and crying for her mom. The cancer is getting worse and Erin’s mom is going to die soon, and there is no one who understands it other than Jason. Who lives in Florida. But he comes back, just for Erin. “Life is too short to waste by yourself when you love someone.” He says. So he does love Erin. And she is losing everything, and what is so sweet is that he is there, and he will be there, even when something this scary is happening. That’s what it means to be brave. Really and truly. Eventually it is time for her let go, to face the world without her mother. Jason made it possible. She is living her life to the fullest, living today like there is no tomorrow, because she truly doesn’t know if there will be. Cancer is not going to takeover her life again. She is strong, she is smart, she is positively beautiful.

 So that was a rather long summary, but I had to tell you about all the wonderful things in this book. It is unbelievable. It was beautifully written, and I 100% recommend it. It is worthy of tears. It’s that good. image.jpeg

I think 800+ words is quite a lot, so I’ll stop here.

Does this book sound like something you would read?


Book Review: Becoming Naomi León

I went to the library recently and picked up a few books. Becoming Naomi León was one of them- my class had read Esperanza Rising (also an amazing book) and my friend read this one. Her class even got to do soap carving! :O

Here’s a summary I wrote.

Naomi Leon has a lot of problems. Her clothes, (sewn in polyester by her loving grandmother, whom she lives with) her classmates, her inability to make her voice heard. Another life -changing problem walks in the door of Baby Beluga. Her mother, Skyla Jones, who abandoned Naomi and Owen seven years ago. The only thing in her life she has to hold on to is her soap carving. It channels her energy, vents her anger, and allows her to create-make things how she wants them to be. Skyla starts out being oh-so-sweet, but soon Naomi and her family find out the truth about her. She threatens Naomi and is nothing like a mother to Owen. When forced to flee to Mexico, Naomi develops questions about her father. Turns out finding someone else helps you to know who you really are, too.

The cover of the book:



Here’s a little description of Naomi from Amazon. I always thought that the biggest trial in my life was my name, Naomi Guadalupe Zamora Outlaw, but little did I know that it was the least of my problems, or that someday I would live up to it.

I can honestly say that I loved reading this. Naomi is SUCH an inspiring character.

Different Emotions while reading the book:

Skyla infuriated me. 😡

Naomi inspired me. O:-)

Owen made me laugh. XD

Gram made me think. :3

Some parts made me go, “Awwww!” and some made me want to throw something. (At Skyla, of course.) Okay, I know you might say, “Chill!” But if you’ve read the book, I’m sure you’d  feel the same way. Skyla is straight up mean to Owen.

Overall, I definitely do recommend this book! Becoming Naomi Leon is amazing and it captured my attention and opened my eyes a little bit. 🙂

Should I do more book reviews?

Have you ever read this book?Summersign-off