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In celebration of Apple’s new emojis, here is a tag for everyone who loves emojis as much as I do!


What to do: Pick out up to 20 emojis that describe you and tell WHY. Then tag 5 people to do the same! JPEG image-9BEDC8129504-1.jpeg

  1. Gymnast ’cause I ❤ gymnastics
  2. Art because I adore art and being creative
  3. Because writing is a both a getaway and a way to help you stay
  4. Music is life. Whether it’s playing my clarinet, listening to music, or singing (even through text), I ❤ music!
  5. Because flowers are pretty like me and I find the presence of flowers in spring comforting
  7. I’m also secretly a cat. *throws up hairball* *realizes that was really gross* 
  8. Because ya have to have rain before ya get a rainbow. Also, rainbows are gorgeous.
  9. TACOSSSSSS! They are just mucho delicioso. Ahhh…perfecto.👌
  10. I have pancakes after every sleepover. I salivate at the sight of them. Pancakes are SO GOOD.
  11. I tell corny jokes.
  12. I take shelfays (selfies) sometimes (but I mostly just liked this emoji)
  14. I work on my computer all the time. (Actually if you took a photo of me from the front RIGHT NOW, I’d look exactly like that emoji…)
  15. I facepalm when people do stupid things. (AKA, when people in Spanish class say, “What does la calculadora mean again??” IT’S LITERALLY IN THE NAME. IT. IS. A. CALCULATOR.
  16. I shrug when I don’t know stuff. Also, I love purple.
  17. I’m the baby of my family and like being treated like a princess.

So how’d you like that?


Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner

Jaclynn @ Little Miss Fluffet

Samantha @ Redhead With a Book

Bella @ Beautiful By Bella

Some of the other new emojis Apple came out with include a salad, croissant and avocado. They’re so cute!FullSizeRender 3.jpg

What’s your favorite emoji? 




Avocado on Apple iOS 10.2

Review: Luna Lovegood POP! Figure

Hi guys! Yesterday I received the Luna Lovegood POP! Figure as a present from my brother. 🙂 So here’s a review!


Luna’s outfit is her Hogwarts uniform: A skirt, sweater, and tie. Her accessories are the cutest! The little radish earrings are a really nice touch. Also, you can see her spider ring and wand. dsc08437

She comes with a clear plastic stand that is takeoffable, (my word for removable 😛 ) which helps her stand up. dsc08438

Her long blond hair is absolutely gorgeous, and her eyelashes are so long and pretty. dsc08439dsc08440

Here you can see a little bit of light pink blush on her cheeks, which makes her look young an innocent. 🙂 dsc08441
She’s so… LUNA!dsc08443

In case you didn’t know, POP! figures are designed to have really big heads, tiny bodies, and big black eyes. This makes the characters really adorable! dsc08444dsc08445dsc08446dsc08448

They are made of really smooth vinyl. Ahhhh… I just love the feeling of POP! figures’ skin! 😉dsc08449dsc08450dsc08451

Look at the tiny design on her shoes!dsc08452dsc08453dsc08455dsc08456

Well, that’s it! Look for more posts with Loony soon. XD



I Need To Make A Random Post, ‘Kay?

Photography:  dsc08129dsc08130dsc08131dsc08132This is the best photo I’ve ever gotten of a bunny! ♥



♥♥taken on my way to the bus stop around 7:16 AM.


Old camera!


Literally the only reason I wanted a photo with the horse (I cropped myself out of it)  is ’cause of Taylor Swift’s song White Horse lol XD


^^Some old vaca pics.

Bloggy Stuff:

I changed my button: capturingcreating

Artsy Stuff:

img_4309A quote from the TS song Sad Beautiful Tragic. The board is painted by yours truly  😀  O:)

And sorry for the bad quality photo, I snapped it from my phone literally 5 seconds ago….

Schooly Stuff:

I ran the mile yesterday. My time was 8:31,  which has SO improved since last year (I got 10:40something :O )

I’ve been working on stuff that’s a level ahead of my math class lately, which is good because I find our topics in class kind of boring, having done them already & whatnot.

Oh, and my Language Arts teacher is AWESOME. I’ll have pics of one of my assignments soon. It’s pretty cool.  ^__^

Okay, gotta run. G’night!



Stray Cat

I love cats. They’re adorable, make the cutest little mews, and yeeeeeaaaaaaahhh….

These are some photos of a stray cat I encountered on vacation.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. 🙂

As you might have been able to tell, this cat had a wound on the side of its face. ;'(

Storytime! When I woke up, I stepped out of the house, careful not to wake my cousins. 😉 Sitting in the bushes was a little cat, an adorable one, at that! It mewed upon seeing me and crept towards the house. I carefully avoided it (after all, it was a stray) and ran to grab the camera. I spent FOREVER trying to get the cat to look at me, but it kept meowing and crawling under the car- no doubt because it was scared. Eventually, though, I timed the photo perfectly. The result? cutekitty.jpg

This is the BEST animal picture I’ve EVER taken. ♥♥

Have a wonderful day, unicorns! 😛

~Rutvi ❤


BIBPC Category 2

Hi!! I’m here with my entry for Megan’s (A Barefoot Gal) BIBPC! The category is fuzzy. 🐶image.jpeg

Story: This is my friend’s dog, Coco.😍 My friend and I were riding our bikes, and we saw her neighbor (who is also my friend XD) walking her dog. We stopped to pet her, and I snapped a few photos of her. She is so adorable!!!

DIY School Supplies

Hello! This is my first post for the Back-to-school collab that I’m doing with the wonderful Bella. 😀 colabwithbella.jpg

Today, I’ll be showing you how to make your supplies more personalized, because, let’s be real:

1: You can never have too much cute stuff,

2: Cute supplies will make you happy to do schoolwork. Boring notebook+Boring class=Boringness all around! You can’t do anything about your class, but you can do something about your notebook. Read on! 🙂

Idea #1: Ombre dots


I think ombre is a really cute idea, it’s something cute but simple.

How to do it: I had a bunch of paint samples from Hobby Lobby. (You can also use cardstock, if you’d prefer) Then I used a hole puncher and used the tiny circles that came out of it. Pick one color and then punch out different shades of it. Start gluing (I used mod-podge) down your darkest shade, and then work your way up to the lightest shade. I think it would look even cuter with shaped hole punches!

Idea #2: Printed DesignDSC07452

Trendy and easy: let’s do it. XD

How to do it: There are really no rules on how to do it. Just draw little designs with a Sharpie.

Idea #3: Simply Strawberry


How to do it: Cut an oval out of red paper/cardstock. Then cut the bottom into a sharper shape. Cut a line of small triangles for the leaves. Then put them together and glue them on. Use yellow paint for the strawberry seeds. Write your name underneath if you want it to look even more personalized! 😉DSC07454.JPG

Binder Dividers

These binder dividers will help you stay organized, and you’ll have a place to put those notes you usually shove into your backpack. 😉 😛


How to make them: Grab some manila file folders. Glue a piece of colored paper on top, and then write the name of your subject in large letters. You can also put stickers on it, but make sure not o make it too thick or it won’t fit in your binder. Use a hole punch to fit it in your binder, and stick your notes in!

If you don’t want to put it in your binder, you can just use them as folders for holding notes, or for any extra storage.DSC07450

Here’s everything I used to make them. Oh, and I didn’t make any for band or math, because, well, I won’t have any notes for either. Well, I’ll have lots of notes for band, but those are music notes. XD (sorry, I love bad puns)

Which notebook was your favorite?

You can see Bella’s parts of this collab by clicking this link.

Next BTS series post coming at 1:30 today.

Have a wonderful day, and here’s to the new school year!

~Rutvi and Bella ❤

A Day in the Life of Pusheen The Cat

You’ve never met me before, but I am…

Batman! Nanananananananana, Batman!!!


Now, I welcome you to go grab a donut, wrap yourself in a blanket, and enjoy this post. You’d better enjoy it. Or no cuddles from this kitty. Be prepared to learn about the very interesting life of ME, the best cat on Earth!

So when I wake up around noon, I have breakfast.

 Of course, it’s around lunchtime for you humans when I wake up, so I eat breakfast AND lunch. You might be wondering, “Well, why don’t you just skip breakfast and eat lunch at noon?” Well, you small-brained humans, it’s because breakfast is the most important meal of the day

I just love to exercise (if you know me at ALL, you’ll know that was sarcastic) so I went outside, but not before channelling my creativity into a DIY project- lace curtains! *Scratch scratch*

I took the elevator down (because stairs are for losers).

I got Rutvi to put me in a tree so I could pretend to be Tarzan and swing back to the house on a vine. But unfortunately, there were no vines in sight. And I ended up taking a quick nap. Eventually I had to leave, though…

See?! All you humans say I’m a fat cat! I’m not! I’m chubby and cute and make people go, “AWWWWWWW, what is that fluffball of awesomeness?!” If I’m so fat, then how can I fit in Rutvi’s tiny palm? Huh? Huh? HUH????!!!

 Then, before bed, I upload my pictures to my blog. 

I know you would have loved to see more pictures of me, but I was too tired to pose anymore. Being a model is hard work, you know.

Goodbye, my dear fans! 

Today’s deep question:

How can one be a  chubby (but NOT fat), sassy, amazing, AND adorable unicorn/cat/donut  at the same time?


~Pusheen The Cat ❤ ❤ ❤

{with no help from Rutvi} 


Hi guys! Today I have some photos of my new Funko vinyl figure, Merida!DSC06627standing on a tree branch wearing a long dress is not unrealistic at allDSC06642DSC06639Merida, what are you doing up there?!DSC06652DSC06651DSC06632DSC06631DSC06626DSC06624

❤ ❤ ❤

Have a wonderful day, guys!

~Rutvi 😛 ❤

P.S. I’m really sorry but TBFN is put off for the next week or so. :/ I got  your guy’s’ entries, though, good job, everyone!


Mother’s Day 2016

Before we get into this post, let me say Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there. I love you, Mom!! So, my mom and I were just hanging out on the couch, (I just had a four-day weekend and I do NOT want to go back to school) and we found pictures from our Europe trip, about 4 or 5 years ago. My dad took them, and if you haven’t guessed yet, he’s quite the photographer. 🙂 Here is a post dedicated to all the wonderful things moms do. imageMoms take care of all their chicks.

“Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.” -Stitch

imageHey, everybody, listen up! 

They aren’t afraid to be firm, but really they’re warm and fuzzy, just like baby chicks. ❤️

image Namaste.

They are always busy!

But seriously, guys, how cute is this picture. Come on.  It’s a chick doing yoga. Yes. Just YES. imageThey are caring.

Always watching, just because they love you.

imageThey are smart.


I don’t say it enough, but I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Btw, the first picture is my entry for BIBPC! Nooooo it’s almost over!! The category is action! It’s kind of hard to tell, but the ducks were moving when the photo was taken. 😉

Show this post to your mom and be super awesome! 🙂 😉

Have a great day!

~Rutvi 💗