quarantine made me do it

whoa,  okay so it’s been a long time since i’ve posted on here. (like 2 years) i’m kinda sad that i don’t blog or even really write much anymore, but since i’m bored out of my mind i figured why not post on here? (i know i’m like super irrelevant and most of you don’t even remember me & i have no clue what’s going on in the blog community, but bear with me).

since all of you are sO invested in my life, here’s what i’ve been doing this quarantine.

  • having existential crises. (crisises? crisi? criseiescies?)
  • ordered some new clothes which i realize isn’t really that smart in the midst of a global pandemic, but oh well.
  • having zoom calls with every person on the planet
  • spending an unhealthy amount of time on tiktok (and i still can’t dance)
  • baking
  • working out (to make myself feel less bad about eating everything I bake)

also, i went through some of my recent posts and i just CAN’T believe i wrote those AND that anyone read any of it. i’m not sure i can bring myself to go back to my 2016 posts. yikes.

I started a new blog over here if you’d like to follow. (who am I kidding? no one’s reading this.)

i hope all you guys have been staying safe and healthy. ❤ lmk what you’ve been up to!


there’s somethin’ ’bout the way the street looks when it’s just rained….




there’s a glow on the pavement…..



hello, hello! forgive me for being an AWFUL excuse for a blogger- this is my first post this month. track, soccer, gymnastics has been taking up most of my time, and, of course, my history teacher thinks i have no life, so she gave me 59876543567309487528901 assignments. yay! now the school year is coming to a close, and i will have more time to post over the summer. oh my gosh, i can’t believe i’m graduating and moving on to- gulp-high school. yikes.

the title of this post is a line from taylor swift’s song fearless, in honor of my first (hopefully of many) taytay concert coming up soon!! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDD. sam got to see it before me, and i’m super jealous.
the first few pictures show some of the flowers in our garden in sunlight, and the rest are how they look after it’s rained. though flowers are always pretty (even when they’re dead), i love the look of rain on flowers, and the scent in the air after rain falls. i think rain makes everything a little more beautiful. also, i love redbud trees??? they’re SO gorgeous. ♥

life updates:

-i beat my personal record in the 100m dash in track! originally my time was around 15.29 seconds, and then it was 14.69, and then in a relay i ran it in 13.94 seconds!!

-speaking of track, i got to go to an invite-only meet on thursday, but the FrEaKiNg seventh grade soccer team took the bus without us, so we ended up missing four races. bleh. thanks a lot, sevvies.

-i’ve been binge watching the great british baking show a LOT recently, i just finished the second season. no joke, i watched for 5 hours straight yesterday. i think i have too much free time. which i could have spent blogging but….

-my birthday’s next sunday! yay, aging.

-i was chosen as a finalist to give a speech at graduation! i’ll find out if i got it tomorrow….i’ll update y’all.


-i have some new art, i’ll get it posted at some point in my life.

– i need stranger things season three RIGHT NOW. seriously, how can we wait until 2019??

-CLUB PENGUIN IS BACK, MY DOODS. it’s really funny because it’s unblocked on our school chromebooks, so everyone made an account and plays it in class. plus, most of the people on there are my age, which is great and goes to show how immature we all are. XD my favorite part of it is going to crowded places and screaming “WHO LIKES PANIC! AT THE DISCO?!” and friending whoever says “ME” and tells me their favorite song. (btw if you wanna make an account, go to clubpenguinonline!!! my username is sptsptspgoot)

-i kind of want to learn how to play ukelele. it sounds really cool. (loren, want to teach me?)

-i literally am the dumbest person ever. i accidentally put salt in my mom’s coffee, asked a girl IN MY MATH CLASS what period she had math, AND fell up AND down the stairs all in one day. no exaggeration.

also, happy mother’s day! make sure to thank your lovely mothers for bringing you into the world. 🙂


rutvi ❤

730 starry nights ago….

730 starry nights ago, i sat on my couch, jetlagged from spring break, eager to share some of my photos from vacation with the world. my personal site, originally called so sugar sweet (why? don’t ask. i don’t really have an answer.) was born that day, and has grown to become the blog you all know as capturing and creating.  i’m happy to announce that on march 27th, 2018, i hit TWO YEARS OF BLOGGING!

this is so beyond amazing and i can’t believe it’s already been that long! blogging has changed so much for me, and here are just a few:

  1. photography! i never thought this would be something i’m into, but thanks to starting this blog i’ve realized how much i love taking pictures and i’ve gotten better at it.
  2.  internet friends: this is probably the best part of being a blogger: the community. i was fortunate to be sorta adopted into a circle of wonderful friendly bloggers as soon as i started my blog, and even more lucky to have met one of them in real life! i love the sites that tie us all together, even though we all live thousands of miles apart.
  3. music: i’ve found so many new artists, bands, etc. to listen to thanks to all these blogs! (i’m looking at you, loren and mckenzie.)
  4. thinking more in depth about books. doing book reviews forces me to think deeper about what i read instead of just saying “it was good” or “it was bad.”
  5. i’m more tech-savvy! before i had my site, if you asked me to upload pictures somewhere, i would have turned purple and panicked. (not at the disco, though.)

now while all these are great, i know you guys probably want some stats. sooooooo:


views: 12535 (throughout the last 2 years)

comments: 2418 (throughout the last 2 years)

posts: 188 (!!!!)

the top commenters are christina creativity, samantha, loren, and mya!

(it’s 11:11, gotta make a wish!)

i’ve been thinking that i kind of want to change up the design of my blog a little bit, because while i love the pink, i think i want something a little more professional-looking? if that makes sense? i’m trying to make my blog less of a “post whenever, post whatever” kind of blog. those aren’t a bad thing, but i like the idea of having a site that has a theme reflects my personality now. i also want to clear up my site a bit- this does mean i’ll be deleting some posts, (don’t worry, just the truly embarrassing ones like my failed challenges and other things like that.)

also, i don’t know how to celebrate my blogiversary, since i can’t do giveaways, so if you guys have any ideas i’d love if you shared them with me. 🙂

thank you to my followers and readers, to my parents for letting me go on this journey of blogging, and to my the best internet friends i could ask for. i love you all. 🙂


rutvi ❤

:at night:

nighttime is when you’re most vulnerable.

night is when the truth comes out.



are told

at night

these things you say to yourself when the sky is dark and your mind is exhausted

are things you’d never dare to say when light is shining through your window.

night tells you things you don’t want to hear

night is when it’s easiest

to be alone

and to tell yourself these truths.

and night is when you can cry

and no one can hear

hey guys, how are you?

i’m sorry i’ve been so absent on here, i really need to post more. i’ll try harder, i promise. what would you guys like to see more of?

some updates:

  • you’re such a by hailee steinfeld is a good song
  • i just read all the bright places by jennifer niven, and it was so heartbreakingly beautiful and amazing. it’s the first book that’s ever made me cry.
  • i made a band board with pictures of all my fav bands on it. i’ll post pictures soon.  :))
  • i’m writing a paper about tyler joseph for school. maybe i’ll post it here when i’m done??



part of the reason i loved all the bright places so much was because it told me that you can be everything to someone, you can love someone and they can love you, but that doesn’t mean you can stop them from doing things that will hurt you. 

bye, lovelies. ❤


burgundy winter+a playlist

hey everyone! i’m sorry it’s been so long. i’ve gotten halfway through a bunch of posts and then been too lazy to finish them up. i’ve been getting into a lot of new music lately and making a lot of art based off it, so you can expect an art post soon.

i went outside to take pictures, even though it’s really drab, with the hope that i could make some trees or other random things look pretty with my camera.


even though this swing set is old and creaky and will probably collapse if more than one person uses the swings/monkey bars at the same time, i love it and i never want to get rid of it. even when i’m in my senior year, i still want to go and sit on my swing or in my treehouse.

i tied this piece of lace onto my swing when i was younger so we could tell the difference between my swing and my brother’s swing. it used to be red, and even though it’s lost all its color now, it makes me happy to see it.


(bolded are explicit)

isle of flightless birds//twenty one pilots

floral and fading//pierce the veil

drown// bring me the horizon

HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T//fall out boy

wilson (expensive mistakes) //fall out boy

little lion man//tonight alive

somebody that i used to know//mayday parade (cover)

writer in the dark//lorde

perfect places//lorde

i miss you//blink-182

my my my//troye sivan

the anchor//bastille

the good side//troye sivan

trapdoor//twenty one pilots

car radio//twenty one pilots


of the night//bastille

warmth (capital studios version)//bastille

even though this day won’t go the way i imagined it would, i’m not cursing you or wishing you unhappiness. i want you to be happy, and i’m sorry i couldn’t do that for you. happy birthday.

i let my mom write a post for me…

hey guys! some of you might remember this post, where i gave my brother the computer and let him write whatever he wanted. *sigh* i seriously regret that… but i think my mom would be less…cruel. so without further ado, my mom is taking over from here!

Hello Rutvi’s blogging world! Here I am, a computer professional, with not a blog to my name, writing on my daughter’s blog instead – huh. Should I be proud? Yes, I sure am :-).

So, now what? I can maybe, tell you about some interesting facts about her:

  • When she was little, the one song that could calm her down anytime, sung over and over was ‘London Bridge is falling down…’
  • She loved and wanted to do everything her older brother did, that’s how she found her self lost in the wonderful world of Kumon 😛
  • She is really ‘punny’ all the time.
  • Is this a teenage thing? Wanting to wear oversized sweatshirts, mostly stolen from her brother?
  • Rutvi can eat sweets and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • She has blossomed into an awesome gymnast. Love to watch her
  • She is also a brat and an annoying teenager at times.
  • She has a way with words – I am amazed by everything she writes, from the little notes and cards, to the stories that have turned into books – where does she get that from? How can she write so well?
  • She is so organized with her thoughts and yet so disorganized.

She never ceases to amaze all of us, she is so creative. Keep amazing us, keep amazing the world with your smarts & talent. Make us proud, be proud of who you are.

aw, thank you mom! ❤ i love you 🙂

i like your post a lot better than fatty’s.

happy thanksgiving, everyone! i’m thankful for my whole family, but also for the best-friend relationship i have with my mom. ❤

rip it or ship it??

hey everyone! i’ve been seeing this tag around the blogosphere lately, and while i haven’t been tagged, it looked so fun and i still wanted to do it.

explanation: i put 10 girl character’s names in a cup and 10 boy character’s names in another cup. i then picked one from each and decided if they’d make a cute couple or not.

  1. natasha kingsley (the sun is also a star by nicola yoon) and august pullman (wonder by r.j. palacio)

hmm….let’s forget the age difference for a second….

ugh, this is tough. it’s hard to judge natasha’s personality because there’s two of them: her before she meets daniel, and her after she meets daniel.

ok, that’s still a no. natasha loves science, and while Auggie is pretty good at school, i just can’t see them together. their personalities and lives are too different. i feel like natasha would maybe make better friends with auggie, and that natasha would pity auggie more than actually like him.

i rip this ship.

2. hermione (harry potter series by j.k. rowling) and augustus waters (the fault in        our stars by john green)

hmmmm, yeah, i ship it! i feel like hermione is a tough character to get into a romantic relationship with, but augustus could definitely manage to attract her and charm her. they’d actually be so cute together- they’d care about each other a lot. and guys i know this is weird, but THEIR KIDS WOULD BE SO CUTE.

3.   luna lovegood(harry potter series by j.k. rowling) and ponyboy curtis (the outsiders by s.e. hinton)

i feel like luna would either want to be in a relationship with someone exactly like her- eccentric, brave, and a complete angel- or someone who’s a polar opposite of her- someone who doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.

 i ship it, because ponyboy’s portrayed as someone who cares a lot about the people he loves, and he and luna are different enough to balance each other out.

4. neville longbottom (harry potter series by j.k. rowling) and jill charron (with malice by eileen cook)

nah. it’s not that they wouldn’t make each other happy or anything, or that they’d be gross as a couple, but them in a relationship is just kind of…blah. also, jill doesn’t care that much for boys, and neville…well…he’s not the most attractive or popular among the ladies, so i really don’t think he would manage to get someone like jill to date him.

i rip this ship.

5. annabeth (percy jackson series by rick riordan) and nico landini (with malice by eileen cook)

no. even if nico somehow managed to attract annabeth, they for sure wouldn’t stay together for long, because annabeth is so smart and talented, and nico is such a selfish jerk. quite honestly, nico’s a dirtbag and doesn’t deserve any girl in the y.a. fiction world

i rip this ship.

6. cassie sullivan( the fifth wave) and daniel bae (the sun is also a star by nicola yoon)  

i put off writing this one because i honestly didn’t know how to feel about it. cassie is super loving and nice and everything, but she doesn’t seem interesting enough to be daniel’s girlfriend. daniel likes poetry and is kind of a hopeless romantic, and i think it would be hard for him and cassie to be together, especially during the fifth wave.

buuut. they would make a pretty attractive couple.

i honestly don’t know. how about you guys decide? tell me in the comments…

truth be told, i never was yours it’s very hard to ship the characters from the sun is also a star with anyone but each other. they’re a huge part of each other’s lives and have such an impact on each other, that when you take one person away from the other and try to put them with someone completely different, it’s tough to know how you feel about it. daniel is a big part of natasha and natasha is an even bigger part of daniel. without each other, their lives are less interesting and kind of hard to fuse with someone else’s. does that make sense? idk.

7. monica (the fault in our stars by john green) and ren (love and gelato by jenna evans welch)

noooo. monica dumped isaac because he was going blind. like what??? she doesn’t deserve someone committed and sweet as ren. they would nottt be good together. monica was kind of a brat…

i rip this ship!

8. anne shirley (anne of green gables by l.m. montgomery) and ron weasley (harry potter series by j.k. rowling)

awwww, two redheads! that alone- and the fact that they’re both sweet characters- is enough to make me ship them.  anne is super nice and smart and enjoys life, and ron was raised by a good family and is super funny and loyal. their families would get along well, and they’d be a positive influence on each other. they’d just be so cute together, and THEIR CHILDREN WOULD BE THE CUTEST LITTLE REDHEADS! (just kidding, i’m not sure if that’s how genetics works. is it? it probably is. whatever.) ron should just never let anne cook for him, because….we know how that went.

i ship it!

9. bronwyn (one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus) and leo valdez (percy jackson series by rick riordan)

bronwyn is a smart and strong girl, and leo is…a goofball. opposites may attract, but meh, i just can’t see these two together. bronwyn’s very focused and knows what she wants in life, and i feel like a boyfriend who has a dragon named festus is not one of them.

i rip this ship.

10. charlotte holmes (a study in charlotte by brittany cavallaro) and olly (everything, everything by nicola yoon)

olly’s family story is not the happiest, so i feel like charlotte could help him realize that what his dad does is wrong and he shouldn’t be used to that. charlotte is super determined and is one of those people that seems tough, but is sensitive when you get to know them. olly is the same way, and if they were a couple they’d definitely be a good match. they’d probably argue a lot, but in a cute way.

i ship it!

i tag:

may @ forever and everly

arunima @ dreamer’s dreams

tabi bear @ busy bee

let’s talk! do you agree with my ships? or should they be ripped? 


p.s. someone count the number of times i used the word cute in this post. XD


rutvi ❤