Drawing for Dummies, Episode 1: Shading

why so shady, guys??


Hey! As I was drawing (I’m working on a big surprise!), I remembered an idea that I had around Valentine’s Day  last year: drawing for dummies. So not everyone is a great artist, and I don’t think I am all that amazing either. So I wanted to give my readers some drawing tutorials that aren’t vague and hard to follow. So, drawing for dummies was born…. Please welcome: a new series on my blog!

This first episode covers the basics: shading. (Please excuse the bad photos, I hope you can still see what I’m doing.)


1. Start off by drawing a little house shape: a simple square pyramid on top of a cube. What we’re going to be drawing is a house, with the shade falling on the side of the roof.

2. ^^ See where I’m pointing? Make small horizontal lines starting from the top corner of the roof. Then make vertical lines on top,  as if to make a checked pattern. You can make some of the lines darker than others, because shade doesn’t always fall across a roof perfectly.

3. Take the pad of your finger,

4. And carefully smudge the checks you drew.

5. (First picture in 2nd row) It will look a bit messy, and not perfectly blended in or natural. Keep shading it until you are pleased with how the shading looks.

6. Erase any shading that went out of the lines.

7. Now carefully re-define the other lines on the house with a firm hand. The lines should look darker, and the shading will look natural, as if the sun is actually on the other side.

8. (First photo in row 3) Now draw an apple. Most people would be content with just coloring it red and being done with it, but nope! Sorry, guys! We’re being fancy. Repeat the “hatched” pattern that you drew on the side of the roof on the house, on one side of the apple.

9. Now, instead of using the pad of your finger, use your knuckles to blend in the pencil. It will go smoother and is better for getting into small spaces- like drawings of apples!

10. You shouldn’t have too much to erase, but if some of your shading goes outside the lines, then feel free to.


Shading makes drawings look a lot more realistic, and when done right, is a technique that makes most artists feel LIKE A BOSS.


Did this help? Are you excited for the next episode of Drawing for Dummies?

P.S. 100 posts on this blog! Wow! Time flies. 🙂

– Rutvi🎨🎨🎨

I Need To Make A Random Post, ‘Kay?

Photography:  dsc08129dsc08130dsc08131dsc08132This is the best photo I’ve ever gotten of a bunny! ♥



♥♥taken on my way to the bus stop around 7:16 AM.


Old camera!


Literally the only reason I wanted a photo with the horse (I cropped myself out of it)  is ’cause of Taylor Swift’s song White Horse lol XD


^^Some old vaca pics.

Bloggy Stuff:

I changed my button: capturingcreating

Artsy Stuff:

img_4309A quote from the TS song Sad Beautiful Tragic. The board is painted by yours truly  😀  O:)

And sorry for the bad quality photo, I snapped it from my phone literally 5 seconds ago….

Schooly Stuff:

I ran the mile yesterday. My time was 8:31,  which has SO improved since last year (I got 10:40something :O )

I’ve been working on stuff that’s a level ahead of my math class lately, which is good because I find our topics in class kind of boring, having done them already & whatnot.

Oh, and my Language Arts teacher is AWESOME. I’ll have pics of one of my assignments soon. It’s pretty cool.  ^__^

Okay, gotta run. G’night!



Tips You Need To Know Before You go Back to School

Hi! This is Day Three (the last day! 😦 ) of my collab with Bella. colabwithbella

Organizing yourself is hard, and here’s a way to do it like a boss.

  1. Have color-coordinated folders and notebooks. You’ve probably read this everywhere, but it’s a common tip to stay organized. For example, you can do red for reading, orange for history, yellow for science, green for math, blue for writing, purple for anything else.
  2. Have your friend’s phone numbers. This is important in case you just want to talk, want to hang out, or if you need to ask, “What’s the bio homework?”
  3. Keep an emergency bag of things you’ll need at school. See Bella’s here.
  4. If you have lockers/locker partners, please, get to know them. I’ve never had a locker partner before, but I’m going to try and become friends with her this year-it’ll make sharing a locker a lot less awkward.
  5. If you join any clubs, keep some snacks in your backpack because trust me, you will get hungry. Or even if you don’t, this is a good idea in case you skipped breakfast or something.
  6. You might have a list of everything your teacher wants you to have for the school year. Well, I’m telling you now-you will probably end up overspending on stuff you won’t use. If the list says nine notebooks but you only have eight periods, then get eight notebooks.
  7.  If you need to remember to take something to school but you have the memory of Dory, (welcome to my world) set it as your phone’s background so when you turn it on, you’ll remember what you need to bring.

Thanks for reading, Bella and I had tons of fun collaborating and we hope you enjoyed this series! Have an amazing school year. ❤


Rutvi & Bella

DIY Summer Room Decor

School’s officially over, and that means it’s… SUMMER!!! Time to be lazy and lie on your bed doing nothing. 😉 In this post, I show you some things you can make to spruce up your room so it feels like Summer inside, too.

I don’t have step-by-step pictures, so it’s not a tutorial, but I’m just giving you some ideas. 🙂 Number one!

Flower Garland

Here’s what it looks like on my wall:DSC05983.JPGSo basically I just took my flower shape puncher and punched out a bunch of flowers out of 2 different shades of pink paper. (I used pink because it matches my room, but I think white would look good in any room.)DSC05990I Mod-podged one light pink and one dark pink flower together so that just a sliver of dark pink shows. Make several of these. DSC05991.JPGI took some green lanyard string and taped it to the back of the flowers and hung it on my wall! I honestly don’t think I need any more flowers in my room-the walls are covered in flower stickers-but I couldn’t resist just a few more! 😀

Rainbow Bookshelf

This one was not actually my idea, I got it from this post by Samantha. I started a time-lapse video on my phone as I was reorganizing, and I encourage you to do the same because it’s fun to watch it when you’re done. 🙂 Here’s how it turned out:DSC05987.JPGDon’t mind the yellow Harry Potter book at the end. It didn’t fit anywhere else xD

Oh, and the tree is actually an earring tree, just an FYI. DSC05989.JPGAs you can see, I gave it a super summery vibe by putting this painting on my shelf. DSC05988.JPGHere’s my stack of writing notebooks. They’re actually not all in here… 😛

Bored Box

While it’s great to be free of school for a few months, chances are you’ve realized that summer is BORING!!! There’s nothing to do all day! It’s only the first day of break for me, and I’m already looking forward to the first day of school. XD

DSC05985.JPGThis one is probably one of my favorites. I took a shelf from a box of 64 crayons and drew a watermelon and the word’ love’ onto it. Then I cut out a bunch of rectangles from the same shades of pink paper that I used to make the flower garland. (Phew! That was a run-on sentence haha) I wrote different things on each one, like these:

-Call a friend over

 -Learn how to do something new


-Take pictures

-Play outside

-Watch Youtube


This will help when you can’t decide what to do, and it’s really cute, too!

Bucket List


Besides being bored, I actually do have a few things I want to do this summer. 😉

DSC05992.JPGI also put this pretty painting I made under it, and I loved it so much that I almost don’t want to take it down in Fall. ❤

Decor ideaDSC05986

I put a scented cream on my desk to add a pop of color to my room-it also smells really good. 🙂

Rainbow Vase!

DSC05984.JPGI made this a loooong time ago, but basically all you do is get a clear vase and paint rainbow colored dots all over it. Yay! More rainbows! XD🦄


This is a sign I hung on my door. It’s a sheet of pink paper with a popsicle and the words ‘Cool for the Summer’ written on it, and it’s perfect if you’ve heard and liked that song by Demi Lovato. 😉

Cute Phone CaseDSC05995

I’ve already done #6 on my bucket list: I made a pineapple out of craft foam and scrapbook paper & snapped it into my clear phone case. Now it’s a pineapple product instead of an apple product! XD


Did you like that post? I would LOVE if some of you would try these out, and maybe even post pictures? 🙂

Oh, and story of the day:

I played 2 soccer games today and ate lunch with my team! Soccer’s officially over. 😦 But we played an AMAZING rain game! GO VIRGINIA!!!! 🙂



My Latest Paintings

Hi! I love crafting, painting, DIYs, and just being creative! That’s why I started my blog. 🙂 I have a few paintings to show you that I’ve made recently. Enjoy! DSC04824.JPGHere’s the first one! I painted it today. It’s a beautiful day, so I went outside and spread out my picnic blanket and worked on this! It’s painted on a plank of wood that I got from Michael’s. First I painted the sky and the water, then added the sun and did second coats. I then covered it with Mod Podge. 🙂 DSC04825.JPGThe sun’s reflection on the water. The only thing I dislike is that the little hairs from the brushes got stuck all over my painting. However, you can’t really see it unless you look closely!DSC04826.JPGAnd the sun! I love the coraly color that I mixed. It was so easy and it’s gorgeous. I think I might add a bird later…DSC04829.JPG#2! I realized that I didn’t paint a sun, oh well. DSC04832.JPG#3! I arranged tape in the shape of a heart, and then colored all around it with markers. Then I dipped a q-tip in rubbing alcohol (be careful!) and made the swirly designs. Peel the tape off, and voila!

Which one was your favorite? 

~Rutvi ❤