Hi guys! Today I have some pics of a little kitty…she’s so stinkin adorable! I saw her while riding my bike to a neighbor’s house. When she saw me, she mewed and came towards me. I didn’t pet her because I thought she might be a stray (she wasn’t), so what do I do instead? Pull out my phone and take pictures of her, duh! img_4571img_4579img_4588img_4589img_4591img_4592img_4602img_4612

Guyyyyssss isn’t she the cutest thing ever???

She kept rubbing herself against my legs and meowing and it was just so sweet!!!😍


I Need To Make A Random Post, ‘Kay?

Photography:  dsc08129dsc08130dsc08131dsc08132This is the best photo I’ve ever gotten of a bunny! ♥



♥♥taken on my way to the bus stop around 7:16 AM.


Old camera!


Literally the only reason I wanted a photo with the horse (I cropped myself out of it)  is ’cause of Taylor Swift’s song White Horse lol XD


^^Some old vaca pics.

Bloggy Stuff:

I changed my button: capturingcreating

Artsy Stuff:

img_4309A quote from the TS song Sad Beautiful Tragic. The board is painted by yours truly  😀  O:)

And sorry for the bad quality photo, I snapped it from my phone literally 5 seconds ago….

Schooly Stuff:

I ran the mile yesterday. My time was 8:31,  which has SO improved since last year (I got 10:40something :O )

I’ve been working on stuff that’s a level ahead of my math class lately, which is good because I find our topics in class kind of boring, having done them already & whatnot.

Oh, and my Language Arts teacher is AWESOME. I’ll have pics of one of my assignments soon. It’s pretty cool.  ^__^

Okay, gotta run. G’night!



Stray Cat

I love cats. They’re adorable, make the cutest little mews, and yeeeeeaaaaaaahhh….

These are some photos of a stray cat I encountered on vacation.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. 🙂

As you might have been able to tell, this cat had a wound on the side of its face. ;'(

Storytime! When I woke up, I stepped out of the house, careful not to wake my cousins. 😉 Sitting in the bushes was a little cat, an adorable one, at that! It mewed upon seeing me and crept towards the house. I carefully avoided it (after all, it was a stray) and ran to grab the camera. I spent FOREVER trying to get the cat to look at me, but it kept meowing and crawling under the car- no doubt because it was scared. Eventually, though, I timed the photo perfectly. The result? cutekitty.jpg

This is the BEST animal picture I’ve EVER taken. ♥♥

Have a wonderful day, unicorns! 😛

~Rutvi ❤