Guys. GUYS. I never thought I would get to meet one of my blogging friends, but….



I GOT TO MEET THE LOVELY SAMANTHA FROM REDHEAD WITH A BOOK! She’s even more awesome in real life, guys, I’m so lucky I got to meet her! I had a blast!! Go follow her if you haven’t already-she’s my twin.

It was really cool to kind of see a behind-the-scenes of Sam’s blogs,  and meet her adorable cat, Twila!😻

And because Sam’s AMAZING, she got me this adorable pusheen planner, a couple mini emoji pillows, a bookmark, a handmade bracelet, and a really sweet card!image.jpg


I’m SO happy we got to meet, it almost didn’t work out but we made it happen!!! Sam’s such a beautiful, smart, quirky person, and it’s so cool that I can now say I know her IRL!

(Sam and I were talking yesterday and we both agreed it would be perfect if Loren was there.)


GUYS. How cool is it to be able to say I’ve been in my favorite blogger’s ROOM?! (Btw, Sam, your rainbow bookshelf looks way better than mine ever did. XD)

Thank you SO much Sam for such an awesome experience! I had SO much fun and the whole time I was like “OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!!”


30 thoughts on “THE GROOLEST THING EVER!!!!

  1. AHHHHH RUTVI THAT’S SO FREAKING COOL. i’ve met two internet friends, and although i’m super awkward and can’t hold conversations, it was a lot of fun. 😀

    i really want to meet you and sam someday! she lives on the other side of the country, though, so that might be a bit of a problem . . . oh well, i’ll figure something out.

    it’s so weird that you guys wanted me to be there, i feel really famous. XD

    xo loren

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    • I know!
      Oh cool, who did you meet? I know one of them is probably Megan…
      Yeah, Sam lives on the other side of the country from me too, but yanno, vaca. As soon as we get our driver’s licenses, we can drive out to meet her. 😛
      I actually think I live closer to you than I do to Sam. (we WILL meet one day. We have to!)
      Yeah, you ARE famous, you’re like our inspiration! You’re actually the reason I started blogging. I tried recreating one of your awesome photo stories once and it sucked. XD

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      • i actually knew megan and allison before i started blogging, so i don’t really count them as internet friends. i met rebekah (agguide) and isabel (sewsweetdollies).

        that sounds like one heck of a vacation. i hope you’ve been having a good time. i would probably want to fly over there instead of drive, though. XD

        ooh, cool! yeah, i’ll figure out where you live and move there so i can be your irl best friend. (i probably sound like a stalker, huh? XD)

        xo loren

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    • It was awesome, and a few minutes after we started fangirling in my room, I was like, “The only thing that would make this better was if Loren was here….”
      And then we talked about all you awesome and beautiful writing. XD

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  2. Oh, awesome!
    Yeah, vacation’s been really fun, the places we’ve seen are beautiful. But I kinda feel the same way you said you did in one of your travel posts, when you said “this is fun, but I want it to be over.” Idk, I miss my stuffed animals. I forgot to bring one.😂
    Nah, you don’t sound like a stalker, I’d love that. XD meeting you would literally complete my life.😀

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  3. ah that’s so awesome!!! i have an online friend who lives like three hours away from me, but i’ve never met any online friend xD
    i wanna meet someone so badly but no one lives in maryland and *le cri* (the friend who live 3 hours away just lives up in pa though lol.)

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  5. THATS SO AWESOME YOU MET SAM! I’m meeting her this summer (hopefully) and I can’t wait! It looks like you had fun! Btw this sounds creepy but I’m pretty sure I live sorta nearby you! Like I think you’re in the state bordering me… it would be awesome if we met up sometime

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