Why Taylor Swift is Amazing

1. She can diss someone through one of her songs, and it’s literally the best thing ever.
Some of my favorites include:
“Shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town”
“We are never ever EVER getting back together. Like ever.”
“All you are is mean. And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life and mean.”
2. She. Is. So. Gorgeous. (I think it’s safe to say her 2008 hairstyle legit slays)
3. She has the best music videos. Ever seen the one for You Belong With Me?
4. She makes country songs sound good. I used to think country music was all like “Oh Susanna, I’ve been waiting for you with a banjo on my kneeee…” (LOL) but after hearing Fearless, I like (Well, only Taylor’s) country music. I listen to her old albums way more than I listen to her new ones.
5. Taylor has cats and no one dares to call her a crazy cat lady.
6. She bakes. ‘Nuff said. Move over and give me some Taylor-baked cookies.
7. She’s one of the most followed people on Instagram. (I don’t have Instagram but this is common knowledge)
8. Taylor doesn’t act like a bratty celebrity. She’s a girl doing what she loves, and she’s a really nice person. (Erm, she seems like one.)
9. Her lyrics. Gosh, they’re amazing.
Behold, the best lyrics of all time:
“When they point to the pictures, please tell them my name.” -Long Live
“Every time I don’t, I almost do…” -I Almost Do
 “They are the hunters, we are the foxes—Love’s a fragile little flame it can burn out.” -I Know Places
“Now I know, that I’m not you’re princess, this ain’t a fairytale, I was a dreamer before you ever let me down.” -White Horse
“Never thought we’d have our last kiss. Never imagined we’d end like this. Your name forever the name on my lips…”-Last Kiss
“Wasn’t it easier in your lunchbox  days?—Who you are is not where you’ve been, you’re still an innocent.” -Innocent
“I lived in your chess game, but you changed the rules every day.” -Dear John
“And all we are is skin and bones, trained to get along.” -Treacherous
Yeah, and those aren’t even all of my favorites. XD
10. She has a gorgeous voice. In Wildest dreams, the vocals are just AMAZING! 🎶in your wildest dreams, Ohhhhhh, aaaahhhh. Wildest dreams, oh Aaaah…🎶 Her high voice is just as good as her low voice.
11. She can speak in the middle of her songs and it doesn’t sound weird. How???            Examples:
In the background of Better Than Revenge, she says, “Think about what you did.”
From 22- Tay says, “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway?”
The Story of Us- the parts where she says “Next chapter.” And the very abrupt ending, “The End.” They’re SO good!
12. She’s pretty with or without makeup.
13. She has a ton of friends-some are celebrities, some aren’t- but she makes time for all of them.
14. She’s patriotic. #Taymerica
15. Her songs are easy to memorize.
16. Taylor’s won like 8 Grammy awards!!
17.  She ROCKS red lipstick. How does she do it??? Spill your secrets, Tay. How do you pull of a bright lip and not look like a clown???? AND how do you make that your signature good look???
18. She interacts with her family and is extremely supportive of them and especially her brother. Lucky you, Austin!
19. She will write a song about you if you do something to her. Life Advice: Don’t break up with Taylor Swift, or she will write a song about you and how horrible you are, and the best part is you won’t know what hit you.
20.  I never get tired of listening to her songs. The only one that’s overplayed for me is Bad Blood.
21. You can make SOO many T.S. References with her song names.
22.Her song 22 is super upbeat, and it’s about living life and having fun. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE???
23. Almost all her songs are clean. Sad as it is, it’s extremely hard to find popular, catchy songs that are clean but not wheels-on-the-bus-like. You know what I mean?
24. She doesn’t care about the haters. Go Taylor, and don’t let em get to ya. After all, the hater’s gonna hate, right? Just shake it off. 😉
25. The vampire didn’t bite Taylor Swift. Why? Because she had bad blood!
HA, I’m so funny XD
26. She takes pics with her fans- I know a lot of people do this but not everyone does…
27. She takes the trouble to do interviews, which is really respectable.
28. She has a GORGEOUS house, and in case you are wondering “Creep alert, how do you know what her house looks like?!?”, I promise I’m not a stalker (love ya Taylor but not THAT much haha) it was in her VOGUE interview.
29. Her songs are sometimes slow, then they pick up and sound really good.
30. It’s  always fun to watch the behind-the-scenes of her videos. Out Of The Woods has a great one. (How did you know I’m listening to that song as I type this?)
31. Her eyes are a reeeeally unique, pretty shade of blue.
32. She learned guitar at a young age and has rocked at playing it. (I REALLY need to practice my clarinet. *cringes*)
33. Her fans are called something normal. Swifties, you’re lucky you’re not called Beleibers.😂
34. Her songs are meaningful. She wrote a beautiful one for her mom called ‘The Best Day’. It’s from her album Fearless, and she said it makes her emotional when she sings it. Listen to it and you’ll know why.♥️
So, Dear John Mayer, why’d you dump her again?! And you, Calvin Harris. I want an explanation. (Okay, well that wasn’t really his fault. But still!)

Taylor deserves better-she Should’ve Said No.
Stay Beautiful, Tay!


What’s your favorite T.S. song?

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~Rutvi ❤


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